Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last year, I was just listing in this very site, the things that I wanted. Material things. I remembered putting iPod and laptop and I thought it would be really like shooting for the moon to get those things.
That's why I couldn't just believe on how blessed I was when a friend of mine gave me iPod nano for Christmas + My birthday. Music has been a great part of my life. I may have been frustratingly learning the piano during my younger years and it may have failed but still, Music has been able to make my heart pump and has been keeping me alive until now. I can't believe that I have a player that's 8G! I know it is still small considering the amount of music that's out there. I've opened myself to electronic and pop and even country music! I am so thankful that I'm able to have an iPod and I named her Merry. She's purple and I don't have the budget yet to protect her but hopefully I do get to have her protected cause the scratches seem inevitable.

Then there's my laptop. I haven't touched it yet because my brother is in full charge of having the operating system installed and everything else that is needed to be installed such as iTunes and Adobe Photoshop. I'll be installing the programs I do need for school afterwards such as Visio and Flash. I can't believe I was able to get one. I really am thankful for my Father who has always saved me. It is true that when you ask, you shall receive. It's such a shame that there are times that I forget to pray to him but I really am grateful for all of the things that He has given, good or bad. It has been able to put me to where I am now and I hope I'm closer to a better place.

Another bad thing, I wasn't able to say my gratitude to my aunts who never left our side. They were the ones who funded my laptop! Yay! It's because I'm the ever lazy kid that I forget to thank them, I will, tonight. Before I review for my exam tomorrow.

and speaking of that one, I'm totally screwed.

All I can imagine is having my fingers laid on my laptop and type and type and type. Or maybe I should get my playlist first.

And one thing I learned this morning is that, prayer does work. So go ahead and pray.

That's all :)