Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alexis and Nika

Credits to Owner of the picture.

These two people are honestly strangers to me. I am not a big fan of Philippine films, or films in general.

For some reason, I was wide awake last night even though I had to wake up at four in the morning. After watching a few episodes of a Korean series, I decided to watch local channels. I ended up watching ABSCBN’s Storyline.

I won’t lie. I stopped because Chris Tioseco’s good looks had caught me but Alexis and Nica’s love story is what made me stay.

It still rings in my head. Alexis’ love for films, for the Philippine films. How he followed his heart and did not do business even if his dad wanted him, too. I salute his love for this country, his need to give back to what kept him alive.

I adore the fact that their love has been able to cross continents. How Nica left Slovenia, leave her family, live here in the Philippines and be with Alexis.

And it is tragic how they ended up dead inside their own home.

Chris is right, you don’t get shot inside you’re own home, that’s supposed to be a home.

A place for peace and yet, they were shot.

I still remember the look on Chris’ face. On how he said that the criminals should have just taken everything. Everything else.They should have just left Alexis and Nica alone. They should have just spared their lives.

But they took everything. Everything.

Definitely a love story to remember.

I wish I could find the video and share it to my followers but i can’t find it. Argh