Wednesday, September 27, 2006

high and proud...

section 42: engineering and architechture

- physics
- math electives
- math
-social studies

* gosh you make me proud. ayan may lalagay na tayo sa pader natin! haha..
and we got a certificate for being one of those two sections who actively participated in the guidance week for the sorry letters...

Thursday, September 21, 2006


i found a solution that have been undeniably unsolvable for years.
maybe i should take drugs. ECSTACY maybe?
haha!. but i'm still thinking about it. i want to have time for everything. for school, studying in ALL my subjects to catch up and patch things. but i won't allow to have my whole life ruined by just this damn INSECURITY. as said by the PNP school based protection program seminar we had, "sisirain lang niyan ang buhay mo". but i don;t know, i can't handle pressure at this point and i'm so damn tired of it. and to think i'm just a 4th year student. what more if i'm already in college??
or maybe i'm just like NATHAN SCOTT...

or i just watch to0 much one tree hill nowadays.

don't worry my friends, i'm still SANE. :-)

** there's something fishy in our barkada. four of us are working like veronica mars to connect to people who obviously LIKE each other. so we've got to take anyone who is blocking their way, even if it includes another friend!**
does that make sense?? or the guy likes the other friend to0??
o god, we're pathetic. or they are. at least.

Monday, September 18, 2006

lost.. big time.

i'm LOST in a world where i think i don't belong.
i used to hate people who pretend on being intelligent. and you know what? i have no difference to those people.
god, i suck at school. maybe i just luck time to review. or maybe, i'm just plainly dumb. i can't catch up. today at laboratory my friends are together in one table and i'm the only one who have been separated. and i'm totally clueless on things. they've been always on the top and i'm the only one who's left at the bottom. maybe i just don't belong in there circle. i'm getting INSECURE again. just like what i always feel, everytime they talk about school stuffs.
i'm messing things up BIG TIME. i got to change fast before i completely go insane and be shattered into pieces.
just pray that i've got to figure thing out.... so0n.

Friday, September 15, 2006

does not make any change at all...

why are they like that? why do always people think that the one on the honor roll are the only people who are considered "smart". actually, there are some people who seem to be very industrious, does every homework, does the project well and reads a lot but still does not get anything. and there are people who just don't care about their grades, or what their teachers think, but once they're thrown a very hard question, they manage to answer it logically and with flying colors. i wish i was the latter. intelligent. for real. the one who knows something when asked a confusing question. but i'm still the same. i can only answer the simple ones. 1+1 i guess.
why do parents always consider the child's classmate as smart if they only belong to the top 10 or the honors' society. they don't even know a thing. do they know how hard is it to study. on how our teachers punish us with difficult assignments and give us unsolvable problems with a brain of a 6teen year old? no, cause they only care on what your transcripts are. they complain when they see a line of eight. and does not care if there are achievements. i don't know. i guess it's just so unfair for people who are really intelligent, yet they are not noticed. and i envy those people. they freely do what they want. they can just play instead of doing assignments. just sleep while others are burning the late night studying. and in the end, they still ace those test. i wishh i was intelligent.
and teachers tell you that we're grade-concious. words for you: go talk to our parents and explain to them what's inportant on the god damned REAL world. yes, a world where numbers does not matter.

* my entry's a blur.. i really don't know what the hell am i thinking right now. but i had a lot of GOOD thoughts earlier but blogger was so slow so all of those were lost. damn it.*
anyhow, SENIORS won. congrats guys. amazing how other levels watch us fight like chickens in a cockpit. making us their puppets and feeding us with anger to the other batches. i'm tired of this competitive world... fighting for PRIDE? i guess. maybe i just gave up on beating someone else when i know to myself that i envy that person, because i like that person. it was just TOO hard and too full of TWISTS and TURNS to admit. that's why i got to turn my attention to other things that would keep my mind busy or else i'll be insane. anyhow. i can't say anything anymore..

Friday, September 8, 2006

yeah right...

sheesh! another plan failed. bakit gnun? i was so focused this long test and you know what happened? i got a fever! damn it.

shiet! i'm so irritated right now..