Friday, November 24, 2006

bakit ngayon pa??

note: let's keep this real. TAGALOG would be the medium i'll be using in telling a wonderful story in this entry.(weird.) hope that anna would read this.. (BFF!! ) whoo0hoo..

bakit ganun? dati parang i want to get out of highschool, pero nung napansin ko na may gusto ako kay "money" (itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang iyon) parang napaisip na ako na.. three to four months na lang. tapos.. wala na. ggraduate na ako. alam ko na nung feeling ng friend ko nung may crush siyang senior last year. tapos naman ako.. ako nung senior siya nung....basta!
ang swerte swerte pa ng girlfriend niya (kung sila pa rin!). haha. kasi nung guy na yun, dati ko pa siya kilala, pero parang lately ko lang nanotice. ewan ko. dahil siguro sa mga aksidendenteng "eye contacts". weird. usually ganun tlga nung mga nagugustuhan ko, ewan ko kung bakit.
super talented niya.sobrang talino tapos ewan ko... may itsura siya e. nung miyerkules ko lang na natuklasan na may crush ako sa kaniya tapos feel ko ngayon parang alam niya na. si anna and angel pa nga lang sinabihan ko 2day e. TODAY hah. kasi kanina parang nakaupo lang siya dun. tapos nagpaslamat ako at andun pa siya..tapos parang bigla siyang yumuko na something. anu yun.. ayaw niyang makita ko siya. samantalang dati nasa harap ko na siya wala pa akong pake sa kaniya kasi nga hindi ko pa siya napapansin na ewan. tapos ngayon.. ay ewan. ang amo amo pa ng face niya. wait. suuper obvious na ba nung mga desriptions dito?? eh anu naman! as if naman mababasa niya to, wala naman sa itsura niya nung willing magsurf para lang sa isang walang kwentang blog ko.. haha!! ang weird talaga. sana araw araw ko siya makita. kanina nga nakita ko siya e, dumaan siya sa harap kO! e kaso kinakausap ako ni angepepot kaya yan tuloy. hindi ko napansin.. hmp!

anageom class sinabi ko kay anna. una hinulaan niya ng hinulaan tapos nagbigay ako ng clue... okay CLUES. tapos sinabi niya nung name na pabulong "si * first name* *last name*?" then napasmile ako.. then siya kilig then "oh my gaaad!"
pero mas malala nung kay angelica. nung after na nung CAT yun e. sa may parking lot dun sa bus namen.
tapos sabi ko sa kniya. nung "baka ako nung pangatlo.." then sabi niya.."haha! oo nga noh, sino kaya nung magiging crush mo" tapos nung pabulong type sa kniya.. sabi ko" meron na.." tapos siya.." sinoo?? meron na?" tapos i want some place na walang gaanong tao.. so sabi niya dun sa bus niya.. e di on the way na kame dun.. tapos binulong ko sa kniya.. kilala mo ba si *first name* *last name*.. parang siya"oh my gaaaaddd!!!" as in nung shock na gnun. tinanong ko.. gwapo ba.. sabi niya "OO!" haha..

wala lang..
i'm smiling now.
god! i'm so open..
bakit kaya??

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

why can't i just admit it?

what a day. first, someone just appeared in my dream. yeah! and he was damn smiling in there. so i woke up smiling. so we had our long test in ES. i suck. yes, you've got it. it was not as bad as my first plate but i think i did bad. oh wait, my mom said i should stop saying negative things cause it might come true. funny, my biological mom and my mom in the clique said that. good thing, i woke up happy so the "bad trip" did not soak in me.

tomorrow is thursday. crap, we need to practice for the wncaa cheering. the seniors are required to attend. they have moved the bivouac(whatever the spelling of that word) next year because of the wncaa, so it is an official activity.
yesterday was ptc and... i won't be going up the stage this quarter. sad sad sad. but i don't actually feel super bad and the inferior feeling i used to have everytime i see my name DOWN there. haha!. i miss the old me. the happy me who doesn't care where she stands. but little by little i'm trying to go to the BRIGHT side. many things should make me happy.

oh by the way, here's the real story for this entry. i think. THINK. i may like somebody new. and the bad thing is... he's kind of younger than me but not super young. i think he has a girlfriend. why does that always happen to me? it's when i like someone.. then later on i will find out that.. o0o0opppss, he's taken. Then there are others that he's taken then.. o0o0opppss, i like him. damn. but i only like ONE person. as in the solid type LIKE. (you get me, don't you?) and he's older... (okei i'm totally telling secrets in here!). hmmm.. i usually like people who are so0o0.. HARD to reach. hmp!! it's either he's uber rich?, uber smart? or just uber mature or just.. hard to reach. i'm not really the kind of person who approaches first. cause it's... kind of complicated for me. oh, well.. the NEW one won't last long.. i know that for sure..

YES, that's true. that's what i said the last time and i totally don't have the "kilig" factor with him. oh, weird. i'm blabbing nonsense things..

i'll just stick with logan echolls...

by the way. why is everyone irritated this day? crap. this day must really suck. okay then.. i still have a music report to do. do i?? haha!! tomorrow's convocation. and as i've said, i won't be coming up the stage anymore. wait wait wait.

who made me addicted this day?

"it's like i can't breathe
it's like i can't see anything
nothing but you..
i'm addicted to you
it's like i can't think
without you interrupting me.
in my thoughts in my dreams
you've taken over me..
it's like i'm not ME"

wait. why does my friends love the junior guys?
trisha likes *toot*
delro loves *toot*
nyek. dalawa lang pala. baka ako na nung pangatlo. haha!! joke.

...let's just hope no jahgonal member would read this.or else they would really do anything to know something... smelling fishy.


Monday, November 20, 2006


is it just me or life really seems so hard? i'm just sixteen and i feel like i've already done the BIGGEST mistake in my life. it looks like i've already had the HUGEST regret. no unless i'm really going to die soon then it's true, i've met my biggest mistake.

it's just that. i thought they would understand. when i say that i have a problem. when say that i'm not emotionally stable. i thought they are going to reach out their hand. but no, i was so wrong. i guess what they say is true "madaming namamatay sa maling akala"
when i said i was depressed that i need psychological help, they thought that i could not be depressed cause i'm living A life. but they don't understand. they really don't. then they blame the thing that makes me happy. they say it's wrong. then if things that makes me happy are the wrong things, i just don't want to be right. would you throw away something that makes you smile in the middle of the day. something that puts energy in you every morning. something that gives you the reason to wake up early. would i throw that away.

one thing i don't understand. you're not perfect yourselves. then why do you push things that i should be like this and like that?? hanggang doon lang nung grade ko. may magagawa ka pa ba?

"trying hard to reach out but everytime i speak out, felt like no one could here me. i wanted to belong here but SOMETHING FELT SO WRONG HERE..."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

.me against the world.

does the people around me just gets smarter or is it me being dumber? there are things that made me look super dumb today.
first. i just got a 81 in my csat. (stupid, stupid ayeen.). how could i have a grade like that? if i got 81 in bene? what else could i possibly get in la salle, ateneo and up? uh. so frustrated. good thing i'm trying to live on the positive side.
second. my social studies grade. though i think i got 90. i don't know. it's like i got the lowest score. i swear. everyone whom i've asked or have heard they all got higher scored than me. hmp! so frustrating.
third. i still suck at es. GOD, help me.

one thing made me happy:
i got a 95 in Filipino. oh, well. you don't know how hard is it to get a line of nine in Filipino nowadays.

one month to go. and it's simbang gabi. even if my schedule would be uber hectic since there are a lot of stuffs on the way. my quarter exams (which would fall on the 15th,18th and 19th.). the alumni party thingy. (it will fall on the 16th.) and then there's the investigatory project (which would be submitted on the 10th and 14th). wow. they really think we're super heroes huh? so i guess i need to maximize time and forget logan for a moment. as if that's gonna happen. i wake up 4 in the morning just to watch and see him! by the way, i miss nathan! anna got my three-season dvd. SHOUT TO ANNA. i miss my dvds. :-)

i so want to watch season 4 of oth and season 3 of vmars. waaaaahh!! someone made me an addict.

"you do your best to show me love but you don't know what love is"

toddles :-)

Monday, November 13, 2006

at the end of the day.

you know what's great about school? If you're like me who is frustrated in making the grade, you'll love school because at the end of the day there is always something to talk about in your blog.
so. i screwed physics. i'm scared because i don't know if it was easy or i was too dumb not to answer it all correctly. i got my answers all wrong. physics is something that no matter how hard you study you still end up thinking. you don't memorize in physics. YOU DO THINK and ANALIZE things. but hopefully i could use that analization skills when i get to college. all i need is positivity. could someone give me that. oh well, it's nine pm and i still have tests tomorrow. i should be really running right now.
oh, by the way, i had the worst eyebags ever. i swear. i have been scared the moment i had looked in the mirror.
there's no way screwing math. i'm good at math. and it's not something that just disappear as you enter senior high. i know that "goodness" is still within me. all i have to do is search for it inside of me. i miss my first year days when i don't have to study and yet i get a high high high grade. wait. i never had an uber high grade in math. i forgot. well, i'm gonna miss these days. i wish.

"to love and win is the best thing. to love and lose, the next best"


Sunday, November 12, 2006

again and again.

when can i finally push myself to the limit? i had this another plan which predictably failed. oh no! i'm gonna nail this one. i swear. let's see if i still get 8's in here or 7s for that matter. i am really going to be... MISERABLE?

so i still need to finish this filipino thing and i still have assignment in ES. refer to my friendster blog about the ES crap.

that's all. i just love my new layout. even though i did not make it. who cares though? it's the thought that counts.

that's my motto from now on.

"there are two tragedies in life. One is to lose you heart's desire and the other is to gain it." -Shaw

Saturday, November 11, 2006

it's us.

grades will always be a part of us. it's us, we are grade conscious people.. and it will always be us..

tama ba spelling ng conscious (?). forgive me. i'm blank right now and... i'm dumb.

toodles :p

Saturday, October 21, 2006

my friend has tagged me.

How often do you blog?
* kapag may time magblog at pag wala ang kuya at pag may internet card!.
Online Alias:
*ayeen.just ayeen
Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?
*the truth? no.
What do you do most often when you are bored?
*dvd baby!! or just sleeping or minding my lame life. :-)
When bathing, which do you wash first?
Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
*yes. i think!! haha...
What color looks best on you?
*it's not that i'm bragging, but i look good in any color. haha!! yabang!
.Whats your favorite alcoholic drink?
* i don't drink.
!Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death?
* purgatorio. i believe.
Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends?
* no. more offline than online.
What was your favorite subject in school?
Are you a perfectionist?
*i wish i am.
Do you spend more than you can afford?
* no. i'm being real, and if i can't afford, i don't push myself on buying.
Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before?
*i don't know. it depends on what's important in your life. if your not pro-love, i think it would be better not to have loved at all. ( do what i say suck?)
Do you consider yourself creative?
Do you give yourself the credit you deserve?
*yes. minsan haha!
Do you donate time or money to charities?
*now? no. but someday, i will.
Have you recently done something to yourself that youve criticized others for doing?
*haha!! yes. and the feeling sucks!
Whats on your mind right now?
*my school life. my home life. my friendship. basically... my LIFE.

i'm tagging no one. i'm idle.. :-)

i totally miss someone. i have not seen him for months. and i'm totally going insane with all the things that run in my mind. the other day i almost cried myseld to sleep and i've done nothing significant for the past few weeks.
i'm having problems with myself and i've got no one to tell about the things i feel. it's like everyone would be against me. i asked my friends on how to have counseling with the guidance counselor and they just laughed it off.
we went to town yesterday and we went on "stalking" walking. we hid and let our friends walk by themselves and we wanted them to know that we were not in there group or we're missing or anything. but surprise! no one noticed that we were'nt there except for angelica. i so love you for that.
and there's this pain. pain i can't describe. hey! i really can't breathe around you guys..

I"M FALLING. ow, let me change that. I"M FAILING....

let's see why my life just gets better everyday.
: i have no future. college future.
: i now consider myself dumb.
: i have let TWO great opportunities past my life.
: the pain and the scenes just kept on flashing in my mind.. even in my dreams.
: i got all line of 8 in my qes.
: gosh, my life really does suck.

am i really like that of i'm just hard on myself?
you know what i don't understand??
i study while others don't and.. others get HIGHER grades than you. oh well, grades isn't everything right??
yeah tell that to my atmosphere..

sorry for being like this, blog readers..
it's just that.
LIFE has always been UNFAIR.
oh i forgot..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

high and proud...

section 42: engineering and architechture

- physics
- math electives
- math
-social studies

* gosh you make me proud. ayan may lalagay na tayo sa pader natin! haha..
and we got a certificate for being one of those two sections who actively participated in the guidance week for the sorry letters...

Thursday, September 21, 2006


i found a solution that have been undeniably unsolvable for years.
maybe i should take drugs. ECSTACY maybe?
haha!. but i'm still thinking about it. i want to have time for everything. for school, studying in ALL my subjects to catch up and patch things. but i won't allow to have my whole life ruined by just this damn INSECURITY. as said by the PNP school based protection program seminar we had, "sisirain lang niyan ang buhay mo". but i don;t know, i can't handle pressure at this point and i'm so damn tired of it. and to think i'm just a 4th year student. what more if i'm already in college??
or maybe i'm just like NATHAN SCOTT...

or i just watch to0 much one tree hill nowadays.

don't worry my friends, i'm still SANE. :-)

** there's something fishy in our barkada. four of us are working like veronica mars to connect to people who obviously LIKE each other. so we've got to take anyone who is blocking their way, even if it includes another friend!**
does that make sense?? or the guy likes the other friend to0??
o god, we're pathetic. or they are. at least.

Monday, September 18, 2006

lost.. big time.

i'm LOST in a world where i think i don't belong.
i used to hate people who pretend on being intelligent. and you know what? i have no difference to those people.
god, i suck at school. maybe i just luck time to review. or maybe, i'm just plainly dumb. i can't catch up. today at laboratory my friends are together in one table and i'm the only one who have been separated. and i'm totally clueless on things. they've been always on the top and i'm the only one who's left at the bottom. maybe i just don't belong in there circle. i'm getting INSECURE again. just like what i always feel, everytime they talk about school stuffs.
i'm messing things up BIG TIME. i got to change fast before i completely go insane and be shattered into pieces.
just pray that i've got to figure thing out.... so0n.

Friday, September 15, 2006

does not make any change at all...

why are they like that? why do always people think that the one on the honor roll are the only people who are considered "smart". actually, there are some people who seem to be very industrious, does every homework, does the project well and reads a lot but still does not get anything. and there are people who just don't care about their grades, or what their teachers think, but once they're thrown a very hard question, they manage to answer it logically and with flying colors. i wish i was the latter. intelligent. for real. the one who knows something when asked a confusing question. but i'm still the same. i can only answer the simple ones. 1+1 i guess.
why do parents always consider the child's classmate as smart if they only belong to the top 10 or the honors' society. they don't even know a thing. do they know how hard is it to study. on how our teachers punish us with difficult assignments and give us unsolvable problems with a brain of a 6teen year old? no, cause they only care on what your transcripts are. they complain when they see a line of eight. and does not care if there are achievements. i don't know. i guess it's just so unfair for people who are really intelligent, yet they are not noticed. and i envy those people. they freely do what they want. they can just play instead of doing assignments. just sleep while others are burning the late night studying. and in the end, they still ace those test. i wishh i was intelligent.
and teachers tell you that we're grade-concious. words for you: go talk to our parents and explain to them what's inportant on the god damned REAL world. yes, a world where numbers does not matter.

* my entry's a blur.. i really don't know what the hell am i thinking right now. but i had a lot of GOOD thoughts earlier but blogger was so slow so all of those were lost. damn it.*
anyhow, SENIORS won. congrats guys. amazing how other levels watch us fight like chickens in a cockpit. making us their puppets and feeding us with anger to the other batches. i'm tired of this competitive world... fighting for PRIDE? i guess. maybe i just gave up on beating someone else when i know to myself that i envy that person, because i like that person. it was just TOO hard and too full of TWISTS and TURNS to admit. that's why i got to turn my attention to other things that would keep my mind busy or else i'll be insane. anyhow. i can't say anything anymore..

Friday, September 8, 2006

yeah right...

sheesh! another plan failed. bakit gnun? i was so focused this long test and you know what happened? i got a fever! damn it.

shiet! i'm so irritated right now..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

been infected by a virus...

not do i only have complicated relationship with numbers but i also do have complications with my whole senior year class. i hate this lazy-attitude of mine. many things have been ruined in my senior year and i'm hating it a lot. i need to be more serious and i got to forget other stuffs and other people/ PERSON(?). :-) . so it might sound dumb but i want to have a


again. since i'm really having a hard time these days and my first quarter have been greatly affected. got to focus more.. more and more. cause i live in a world of grade-concious and high-grades people. so i better be one?? and since the next three quarters would give me a lot more HARDER lessons, MORE projects and a lot more PRESSURE. t. i should start handling pressure properly. just pray that i won't cry.. :-) i would do my best no to check my friendster to0. cause someone... isn't changing anything. so there.

and i don't think something awesome or go0d would happen to me for the next few days since it would be the giving of grades and everyone knows that i did not do so0o0o go0o0d or better in there. so much for being me.


till here.

next tym would be... I HAVE NO IDEA.

"lost in a crowd where i feel i don't belong..."b> -ayeenatienza
anneyong seo.. :-)

Monday, August 14, 2006

three days in silence??

we just had our retreat for the past three days. it was fun and sort of frustrating and irritating at the same time. it's fun because we had a little bonding in our ro0ms kasi mejo pwede lang naman magingay and magkwentuhan kahit malakas. haha. frustrating kasi napaka "pathetic" ng retreat letter ng !p!ah and some people are so0o.. biased. :-). and it came to the point na parang wala akong natutunan. kasi it's about Jesus di ba? and what they're saying is a fact i've already known for several years. they just kind of elaborated it. but still, it's just the same. the fo0d was go0d. ayus naman siya. wala nga lang appetizer and dessert. :-). then nung mga sessions ang dameng natulog kasi ba naman pagod na pagod pa kame from the past few weeks of hectic sked. there's UPCAT, then quarter exams then they still ask us to make a write up and we still need to do a lot of retreat letters since it's the last year. di ba napaka unfair naman nun? kaya nung pauwi na parang wala ng gana na manggulo sa bus.. hmp!
nung SUPERFRIEND lng na term natutunan ko. pero alam ko na yun kasi nababasa ko siya sa school paper dati. dun pala galing un. nyeh! ang sama ko ba? kasi medyo i've learned nothing? pero kahit papaano naman meron. ang babait ng auxies.. haha! kaya nga nung iba they also wanted to an auxilary. then us, jahgonal bonded. inaapi namin si LEA DOMAGAS. hehe! lagi na lang si lea.. nung mga ganun type. pero seriously, totoo naman nung mga pinagsasabi namin. LEA, if you're reading this. alam mo namang totoo un di ba?? hehe!
well, i still have a lot of things to do. our teachers are so oblivious to the fact that we are so tired that they give us LOADS of assignments. so much for being physci.

GOD, i am so nervous with my test. being careless lately. and i still wish that i still have God's mercy..

so till here. thanks for those people who gave me retreat letters esp. the unexpected ones. and for those people who promised that they will give me one and i've received nothing from them. and for those people whom i expect a sensible retreat letter gave me a pathetic one. yes.. you know who you are cause you, yourself said that what you gave was pathetic.. anyhow, i still appreciate it.
thank you guys, seriously. gamsa hamnida.

ehem. expect a better treatment from me. do you get it?? it's meant to be sarcastic. :-)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

when you lose something you can't replace...

i just spent 300 + pesos today.
i bought a white belt and some kikay things. actually it's not kikay things.. they are toiletries. haha!

it's already 730 and i'm really in a hurry. i still have a lot of things to do. and needs to be done.

- my article for our club assignment
- write ups for my friends ( valle asked me to do his.. so flattered! hehe)
- retreat letters for everyone..


Monday, July 31, 2006

i'm insane...

okei. last friday we went to see ASIMO. the humanoid robot.
so i'm not in the mo0d right now because i think i have a complicated relationship with NUMBERS.

so for the next days i might be busy studying for my quarter tests and upcoming UPCAT. but i will still update my friendster account.

that's it for now i'll have


i can't think of any other word for leave. :-)
for the meantime.

not unless something uber go0d happens in my life like bumping into lee dong wo0k. :-)


Friday, July 28, 2006


last day of long test today. [july 27]. it's queenie's birthday. haha.

so let's start. first, we were shocked with our physics long test. the first page was all about terminologies and we did not study about that. then we said to our proctor that it wasn't our test because it was written above "medical science, business and entreneurship, arts and letters". there was no" enginnering and architecture. so she went downstairs. as in so0obrang bagal.
then she said. "it's the only test for all the fourth year". and parang kame. "ano?? di ko to' alam".
pero sana naman tama nung mga sagot ko!!

pati sa anageom. sabi ni sir saria. "wala na nung mga median and altitude ek-ek. tapos lumabas kaya yun for 5 points eache pa.. e ilang items un?? 4. e di 20 points. pang-aasaaar!

then i went to go0d shepherd bazaar. kaso sarado pa nung stall na pupuntahan ko. so pumunta ako kina angelica.
andun sina rachel,lea,angelica , inigo,jr, mike and charles. kaso umalis agad si charles nung natalo na sa poker nila. then we had "UBE" and girl talk and may bago akong natutunan.
the term "backstab" are for friends only. and pag other person na, it's called "panlalait". haha!
then lumabas na kaming girls. then nagpicture. then we decided to play patintero!!
madaya nung BOYS. ang hahaba ng arms!! tapos parang ewan pa kumilos. nung sa basketbol. haha!! okei lang close fight naman e. wahaha.. gusto ko pa sana i-expand nung story kaso tinatamad na ako ang it's almost 1 am and ka-chat ko pa tong inigo na so0brang tagal magreply kaso tumatakas sa ate niya.
anyhow, napapalit ko na nung my girl na cd.
kaso sira pa rin.

POINT i've learned
.. kasi nga pinikot!


we're going to makati tomorrow for the HONDA thing.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

thoughts in my head, they come and go.

i've watched lee dong wook at wowowee. nilalandi nila mariel at janelle si lee dong wook. he's a shy guy pa man din.

mariel: what qualities do you like in a girl
lee dong wook:[with the help of interpreter of course!] smart and wise.
janelle: what is your ideal girl
willie: yun na nga yun e!

haha! katawa. and the usual, lee dong wook said "mahal ko kayo". "kapamilya". haha! may sinabi pa siya e. di ko lang naintindihan nun iba. aww.. uwi na kaya siya? after nun nanuod ako ng my girl. haha! addik. infairness, wala xang girlfriend. :-)

hindi pa ako nag-aaral.

i still don't know what i'm going to take. but i've put in my application forms "electrical and communications engineering". labo ko tlga.
my mom asked me the other day. "kaya mo kaya". then my brother interrupted and asked "yun ba talaga nung gusto niya."i really don't know what i like. engineering is ideal. and i'm sick of ideal. i want to take something i really really want. dapat kasi accounting or something about business but my friend said "iba na kasi ngayon e, computers na nung gumagawa ng accounting, so hinde na sila naghihire". e di ba engineering ang bumubuo sa computers?? ahhhh!!
damn it. what if i won't pass. sabi pa man din ng kuya ko. "sa real world hindi importante kung matalino ka ang importante madaming kang alam sa nangyayari. kumabaga, madaming kang kakilala at madami ang may gusto sa ugali mo". gago tlga un. kung anu2 pinagsasabi sa akin. pero honestly, just thinking about the future drives me insane. what if hindi ko magawa nung best ko sa career na tatahakin ko kasi walang passion? e di ba importante un? natutunan ko sa sitwasyon na ito: mahirap maging asa gitna. aka. no enough resources.

i'll share a bit of my private life.
what if kausap mo nung girl na may gusto rin sa crush mo. pero hindi niya alam na may gusto ka rin sa crush niya. pero siya so0oper open. as in lahat kinukwento niya. tapos kapag nagkkwento siya, parang nagppretend ka na hindi mo alam or something. bsta, tapos you dig for more info about sa guy ng dahan-dahan. HYPOCRACY ba yun? kasalanan ko ba kung hindi ako nagsspread ng sikreto ko! haha.. yun lang.

lahat nagbago nung na-addik ako sa MY GIRL. kala nio tao noh? i mean, parang i became a joyous person. kasi dati di ba parang suicidal ako na galit sa buhay. tapos nung naaddik ako sa my girl, parang nagbago lahat. ikaw nga sa my "i wake up each day feeling alright". tapos bumawas nung pagiging irritated ko. tapos i look forward to going home. haha! mababaw pero totoo.. at least nung hobby ko nakakapagpabago ng buhay. haha!

sige. aral pa ako. hindi pa ako nagpapakenerd lately.

"here i am alone starting to realize, that my days would be brighter if i could learn to hide these feelings i have for you keep hurting me inside"
> hindi naman exactly ganyan.

Friday, July 21, 2006

starting over.

nagawa ko na tong entry na to kanina e. kaso biglang nagkaroon ng error.
so here it goes again.
we watched the presentation of the juniors. kasi we still need to perform as intermission number kasi nga we won 3rd place. third place din nung physci ng juniors. di na kame umaasenso, lagi na lang kame 3rd! haha. anyhow. 31 ba nung nanalo? nung section ni miss cancino. kung un nung nanalo. congratulations miss!!
grabe nung klasmeits ko. nagwala sa stage. ha! ha ! ha! sila. haha..

anyhow. have you seen lee dong wook? grabe, he's already here in manila. asa abscbn nga xa kanina e. he's single. [sabi niya]. grabe! i thought he's not going to look good kasi napanood ko sa youtube di matino nung itsura niya e. pero i was stunned! grabe. ang ayus ng itsura niya!! waaahh.. i want to see him in person. could someone take me to him? puh-leaze. i invited ara. sabi ko sa kaniya na punta kame ng wowowee kasi gusto niya sumali sa bigaten. tapos sabi ko. baka madaming tao dun, tapos biglang magka-stampede uli. sabi ni ara wag na lang daw kame pumunta.. haha. pero joke lang naman nung invitation ko sa kaniya.

REMINDERS to self:
get principal's recommendation from @ registrar.
get recommendation letter @ ms. magnco.
get UP map from dea.
study for long test two. ( for those people na hindi pa alam. pinagpalit na ang p.a. ang electives). buti wala kameng p.a. test. :-)
watch wowowee.

di na aasenso?

we watched the sabayang pagbigkas of the juniors. andun kami kasi we still need to perform as intermission number. dapat nga sa gitna kame e. kaso sa ending na kami nilagay. grabe, nagwala nung mga klasmeits ko. as inm nilagyan na nila ng "ha! ha! ha! ha!". kasi nga we won third place kaya kami andun.
then nung sa juniors. 3rd place din nung physci. sabi naman. "hala di na taio aasenso". in fairness ang galing ng physci. kung kame un, we never could have make it.

anyhow. have you seen lee dong wook sa news? grabe!! long hair na xa and he looks different from what i have expected. akala ko sabog nung itsura niya. pero shiet! ang gwapo niya!! waaahhh.. i really want to see him.. doiii!! could someone take me to him?? puh-leaze. i'm going to watch w0w0wee tomorrow. kasi andun xa. nagpasama nga ako kay ara as a joke e. sabi niya "sige, gusto ko sumali sa bigaten". parang ako. "whatever ara!"..


REMINDERS to self:
get principal's recommendation from the registrar.
get recommendation form from miss mangco.
get UP map from dea.
study for long test # 2.
buy pencil.
watch wowowee..


Thursday, July 20, 2006

unexpected but we're happy..

3rd place
we won third place in our DASAYAWIT. it was totally unexpected. pero malaki nung improvement namen from the practices. good thing GOD brought us the ORGAN! haha. the organ united our used to be sabog voices. the FOG! ang kapal ng fog. pero the show must go on kaia dirediretso lang. so wala kameng CAT tomorrow kasi mag iintermission pa kame for the juniors. asteg. then next week wala din kameng CAT kase we're going at this exhibit thing.
our prize was pillows. as in the oishi pillows. grabe! siguro may charm nung shirt na hiniram ko kay dea. kasi nawalan na talaga kame ng pag-asa. pa-picture picture na nga lang kame nun e then bigla kame nanalo ng 3rd. as in so0obraang grateful. so we're gonna get reviewers from zayc and ililibre daw kame ni DARWIN ng jungle juice. whoa!! grabe. tamang-tama nung mga predictions ni rabadan. kasi una he said [pa-joke] to dea na hanggang 6 pm pa daw yun. then biglang hnggang 6 pm nga. then sinabi niya [pa-joke na pinagpipilitan] na nung mga mananalo is 44, 40 then 42 daw. so kelangan daw kasi POSITIVE thinking. and we won 3rd!! ang galeng..

salamat sa lahat ng physci 42! ang galing nio people!! even if it's third, feel ko winner tlga taio.

congratualtions to section 44 and 40.
and sa lahat ng fourth year. ang galing natin.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

making our name...

whew! tomorrow's the dasayawit. i am so nervous. what if i make a mistake.. no0o0. good thing is the this year i'm already on the third row unlike last year i was in front.
if there's one thing i hate about people is those people who are not only hypocrites but also bias people. not really hate. irritated? i don't know. they are those people who make my blood boil to the highest point. pang asar.

section 42 is making its name. a noisy-passive-grade concious- students. all of our teachers were already complaining about our behavior. imagine? they are declining OUR grades. [sign of being grade concious]. but i think it's unfair. we've been together for 1 year and i think were a lot more noisier last year. and the teachers are already getting irritated by us? whoa? but at some point, i can't blame them. sadly.

tinamaan ako sa discussion sa english. we were talking about forgiveness and blah-blah. nako. tinamaan na naman ako. haha!'s go0d that i learn something else inside the classroom. i'm starting to like greek mythology! :-). but there are a lot of things i still need to know.

gosh. we suck at dancing.

i'm planning to write a poem slash story for our club. sadly, i'm a one hell of a frustrated writer. hmp!. but who knows? i might as well learn something besides sucking at english.

i failed on my plan. of course i won't tell you the plan. :-)
stronger than
oh Lord, you have shown your favor
your every word stands true
i'm found safe within your harbor
anchored deep in you
you washed away my tears
gave me joy and freedom
lifting me through the years
your love is stronger than
the sound of heaven's praises
higher than the lofty mountain peaks
deeper than the deepest ocean valleys
strong enough for me.

i have finished my long test two in practical arts. thanks to nicole for helping me.

i really suck.

maybe next time i should write with a purpose.

still proud to be PHYSCI.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


lee dong wook's coming this weekend. waaah! someone take me to him!! puh-leeez!. i don't know if it's a joke. he's going to appear at wowowee. he's there. i wonder at what day he's going to arrive. urgh!! i really want to see him. it might seem shallow. but i really do! i've never been this addicted before. i swear.

*picture courtesy of and pinoy exchange

Lee Dong-Wook
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: November 06, 1981 [he's young!! haha!]
Occupation: Actor
Country: South Korea

anyhow. i still need to do my homeworks. whoa! it's already 8pm. and i'm still in my school uniform. kamusta naman yun.

so till here. i'll eat my dinner.
it took me 3 hrs in fromnt of this computer.
i still need to arrange my application forms.
i just hope everyone says yes.

before i forget. i want to learn korean!. my mom said that i should just buy dictionary. seriously, i really want to learn. could someone help me?
i got my permit from UP. my test is on august 5, saturday, 1230 pm. and i need to wake up by 8?? SCHOOL of ECONOMICS.

so. i'm lost.

ang labo ng mga tao. hehe.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

would you still be here?

title: my busmates were talking about the gradball and thinking who their dates would be. wala lang. may naisip lang ako. then yan nung tanong na lumabas.

my week :

nothing much.nasuspend lang then i've watched WONDERFUL life at ara's place.

NO CLASSES.i've watched MY GIRL all day together with my brother.

i thought there were no classes. hmp! CAT day. good thing the field was wet. haha. tapos tumambay kame sa lounge. then sabi ni inigo punta daw kame tagaytay dapat kung walang pasok nung araw na ito. asa pa! preapare daw ng 900. discounted na yun. sige. magpprepare ako ng 900 para sa sem break. :-)

nasira na naman ang sked ko. i am so pissed off pa man din pag ganun.
i went to good sheperd bazaar ng mga bandang 530pm. sinamahan ko si anna. then we went to watsons. then dinalaw namin si angelica kasi bday niya. and inabot namen nung gift. then kumain kame. then umalis na kasi magsisimba sina angelica e. mga 715 na siguro ako nakauwi. nakakatawa pa nga si anna e. tinuro niya nung conti's tapos sabi niya "iyan ba nung conti's?" hello anna! obvious ba. then nung pusa inaaway niya. pati nga nung bahay e inaalam nung address kasi napakaunusual nung place ng bahay.. actually lahat ngttnong kung anu nung address ng bahay..
so yun lang. grabe, i'm all alone again and i'm suppose to study right now.
hindi pa ako nagpapakanerd lately e..

siya nga pala. sabi sa abscbn si lee dong wook [julian seol of my girl] pupunta daw here in manila. GOD! could someone take me there!! pleaaaseeee..
i really love that guy. esp. pag kasama niya si lee da hae. i love them! haha...
i'm watching at youtube.

till here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i wanted to say happy --- ...

today's july eleven. we had practice in cve dasayawit. i woke up late. the assembly was supposed to be 8 am. i woke up 7:20 am. so i'm already late. so umalis ako dito sa bahay ng 8 am.haha. i think i arrived there at 820. pero di na ako umabot sa school mismo kasi nakasalubong ko si angelica. so dapat sa clubhouse na kame ng alabang hills. kaso lang 350 daw per hour. asus! as if naman magbabayad nung mga kklase ko. so, sa bahay na lang kame ni joseph. grabe! asteg nung house nila. asteg. may pool house sa likod. dun kame nagpractice and nag picture taking. haha! we had FREE lunch. ang babait ng mga parents na andun e. tsaka relatives ni joseph.

then after the practice, we went to alabangwn center. we watched lovewrecked. walang espesyal dun sa story. gwapos lang si jonathan benett [ryan howell]. haha! then si amanda bynes pumayat. haha! ayus lang nung story. funny na ewan pero nothing special. so si rachel kelangan ng umuwi. then nag 50th avenue kame. kame nila zayc, angelica, anna. then pumunta kame ng starbucks kasi dun magaantay ng ride si zayc. then kung anu2 nung pinagkkwentuhan namin. nung mga initials. hahah! nakakatawa nung pi eh. haha!
tapos since 6pm pa kame makakauwi ni angelica, kung saan2 pa kame napadpad. pero ayus lang.

then kinuwento ko sa kanila nung "okay ka lang" story. haha!. tapos umalis na kame ni angelica. pumunta akong ruins. bumili ako ng cd ng kuya ko. tapos ipapapalit ko dapat nung my girl kaso wala pa daw. tapos naghanap ako ng slippers or belt.
kaso tinamad na akong maghanap ng mura e. kaya umalis na ako.

sorry nagmamadali ako e..

Sunday, July 9, 2006


what a week. sorry one week akong di nakainternet kasi wala kameng dialtone e. kanina lang inayos ng pldt. anyhow. ikkwento ko na lang.

i can't remember anything special. ll i know is i was so excited to go home to watch the series my girl.

we had practice of dasayawit. weh! sakit ng paa ko nyan. and of course i've watched my girl to prevent me from sleeping. too bad, nakatulog pa rin ako. haha!

i think this was the day when the advance pre test thing was given. GOD, i suck at it. hmp! i did not watch my girl cause i think my dad was watching pba. it was annual honors convocation. congratulate myself! haha!. grabe nga nung palakpakan e. then we did not have english. buti na lang. pinapagawa kasi kame ng letter e. e di ko pa nagawa kasi nga i overslept the day before.then we still had practice for dasayawit.

MASS. scary , sumabog nung generator{yata} ng bene. grabe pa man din kasi malapit lang sa simabahan un. tapos nawalan ng aircon and ilaw sa chapel. tapos ang init init daw. buti na lang quiet kame kaya.. un.then still, wala pa rin english. haha!!

INTEG day. i think yun nung pinakamasayang integ. grabe! haha. nakikikanta pa kame. pero dapat nanalo nung STAR WARS. ang galing galing kaya. then nung marshall nanghuhuli. tapos kame deadma lang para di obvious tsaka para di mahuli. grabe! nakawhite shoes kaya ako tsaka walang hikaw. sir caballero tlga. then pumunta ako sa club ng aces. nagpasama ako kina dea at lea. then nagplay ako ng darts. [!p!ah kasi nung may bantay dun e]. so nung una nahihiya pa ako kasi ang lalakas nila mang-asar. then nung second try ko na. grabe ang dame kong tinamaan. I'M a HUSTLER. sabi pa nga ni inigo BANNED na daw ako kasi naluluge daw sila. hahaha! excuse me! 45 pesos kaya nung nagastos ko dun. kasi nilibre ko pa sila lea e.haha!! ang saya-saya. then we had our practice, uli. tapos hindi ako sumabay sa bus kasi daan pa akong good shepherd bazaar. e wala pa pala nung cd na ipapapalit ko. kaya nung saturday na lang daw.
then i arrived home. we watched basketball. CHUNKY GIANTS!! ang galeng ni richard yee! yihee.. [muling ibalik ang tamis ng pag-ibig...].joke lang. tapos un.. anu pa ba ginawa ko?

wala. i was suppose to study but my mom left me alone and i had to watch for the store. dammit. kaya until now hindi pa ako nakakapag-aral dahil ako lang na naman ang taga bantay and my brother is in the meeting. so nung sabado, i've watched let's go. grabe tlga as in parang nons-stop. nung junghwa-tae wu- jinie triangle. parang bangs-norman-charee. too bad pa rin, mas maganda ang nonstop! bwahahaha... then inutusan ko kuya ko pumunta ng ruins para bilhan ako ng she's the man at high school musical [yes i was frustrated!]. then pinapalit ko na nung cd. un pala sa tuesday na lang daw. so since punta akong alabang hills clubhouse sa tuesday for the practice, ewan ko na lang kung nakakadaan pa ako dun! kasi we're suppose to watch lovewrecked din e. AMANDA BYNES!!! haha.. andun din si jonathan benett. so gotta watch!

so now, i should be busy doing homeworks. for nth f-ing time, wala na naman akong nagawa. since 430 na. malapit na akong magsimba, so prabably ipahihinga ko na lang eyes ko. hmp!
i've watched she's the man kahapon. DUKE! haha. and amanda was great!. then we watched hs musical minutes ago. TROY! haha..

so i guess that's it for now.
and it would probably take days uli till i log in.
it's one hell of a busy week.
kahit walang pasok sa tuesday.

hanging out with my new love and inspiration. haha! babaw![di ko alam kung nakalbas nung picture o hindi, sorry for that}

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

a song.

nothing special about my day.
"wisdom or wealth". the question in our english class. we talked about this poem about wisdom. i liked the poem though. then anageom. we're left behind. so our teacher deleted some items on the test. haha! he gave us worksheets, which at first he told us that it is going to be submitted by friday. hello? so he said sa monday na lang kaso nga lang dagdagan pa ng 3 worksheets. then he gave away everything. lahat ng worksheet.s he said there are 500 copies of it, e kaio lang naman anageom noh! haha. so my classmate said, maybe next year.
we had our pe. badminton. i think i got 3/5. not unless the short service is counted then i'm going to get 4/5. damn. hahaha!!

i'm suppose to type something else about my day but i forgot what it was. so anyhow.

i've watched MY GIRL yesterday. haha! happy-happy-joy-joy. hehehe! the story is good. sana maganda nung mamaya. i can't wait.
i'm going to study and answer the worksheets so i won't be occupied on weekends. i'm going to watch "high school musical". i'll do my best to watch it. haha!!

i was browsing through my papers last night and i saw something. a poem which i made i year ago. i think it was a year ago already. i think.

so here it goes: [sorry filipino e]

nakita kita na may kasama
lumingon ka at nasilayan ko ang iyong tuwa
isang ngiti na nagmamalaki
sa tabi ng isang minamahal

hindi mo alam may nasasaktan
hindi mo pansin may umiiyak
hindi mo alintana na may nagdurusa
pinipigil ang pagpatak ng mga luha sa mata

ipinamukha mo sa akin ang pagmamahal sa kanya
na para bang sinasabi na ako'y umiwas na
labis nasakatan ang damdamin kong ito
hindi ko akalain ito'y dahil sa'yo.

* ayan xa. nung story nyan, akin na lang. haha! ayaw ko ikwento e. pero hindi yan nung feeling ko tlga. exaggerated lang xa.
my classmate has also a new song. maganda rin. para rin sa knyang..:-). haha! as far as i know ako gumawa nyan. one year na kasi e. alam ko one year na nung nangyari yan e..haha! na-iintriga ka noh? loko lang. so thanks sa lahat ng naka-appreciate and makakaappreciate. abangan nio na yan sa recording stores.[ haha! kapal tlga ng mukha ko.] wag nakawain hah!.. kapal ko tlga. joke lang un! basta...

sige i'm going to listen to my new cd. nung pinaburn ko kay iñigo. haha!

till here..

Monday, June 26, 2006

big deal.

everyone was talking about high school musical. and i wasn't able to watch it because my dad was watching pba.sorry we only have one television. so there. even my busmates were talking about it and my classmates kept on singing the song in there. at least i'm not as clueless as mark. haha!

so there. i'm sad about that.
so what happened to me 2day? let's see. my brain was stretched, as in stretched during physics time. the problem was so hard. so hard. as in hard! dun mo ma-a-appreciate nung chemistry laboratory. wahaha! haha! kame nga nung pinaka luge na group e. pero no worries. JAM to the rescue. haha..

i just got my ateneo application i still don't know what i'm going to take in there. probably, management engineering. ang labo ko tlga. iba2 nung mga pinagkukuha ko.

so there. i'm quite in a hurry.

so there..

Sunday, June 25, 2006

it's amazing how you make an idiot out of me..

"pinaasa mo na naman ako... for the nth time." pangilang beses na..ako naman.. asa pa rin.

today is sunday. i didn't get the chance to watch high school musical, which by the way i've waited for more than a month. sad..sadd..sad. so tomorrow is monday. and our laboratory is tomorrow to. bad. bad. bad. i'm really getting scared at physics.. i don't know why. so what else.
hindi pa ako nakka-aral. sadly again. it's so hard focusing on your goal when i am so easily distracted by things. don't worry it's not a guy, and definitely not a girl.
i just don't know what..
so i better have a double time or else i might fail.. fall hard. damn. it's so hard..
i forgot what i'm about to say. i've been formulating this saying.. thought in my head for days and i already forgot what it is. hmp!
so i guess i only have one thing to look forward to tomorrow. MY GIRL. i saw the preview hours ago.. kakakilig. siguro pipigilan ni julian si jasmine. anu kaia??

i remembered the thought already.
"it's so amazing how fate manages to pull you down even if you're at your lowest point."

corny ko tlga. at least hindi about love.

nak nak nak.
till here..
that's it for now.. malungkot ako e.. gagawa pa ako ng birthday letter for... alam nio na un. baka mabasa nia e. mabuko pa nia na may surprise for him..
magpapaka-nerd na ako. may papantayan lang ako.. haha!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

i asked for a sign... and i saw one.

the title: nothing much. something that i've been looking for lately.

yesterday was friday. CAT day. whew! just changing from uniform to civilian is so hard, so imagine what more the CAT thing is. though it was fun. i think. nkakatawa nga nung kinuwento ng classmate ko. sabi daw ng officer nila. "100 squats". e di nalito nung boys kung ano gagawin nila kasi ng 100 squats daw. haha!! pati nga kami nagsquat e. grabe! ang sakit sa pa.. pero ayus lang un.
i'm having a hard time at physics. not because i can't answer. but because i'm not fast enough to gain merit and forgetful to put the negative sign on third quadrants. i need to practice my thumb.. forefinger rather in pressing my calculator. i need merits! haha..
i'm going to study today.. but i need to watch first let's go cause i've missed the last episode. i had a hiarcut kasi e.
my article sucked so much. ang panget tlga. as in sabog siya and does not have a complete idea. i think it's even incomplete. how am i suppose to write in ten minutes without a proper chair? hmp! that's okei, i'm not running to be a staffmember anyway. so my topic was. "REALITY TV and its Impact on its viewers. i think it's the easiest and i've managaed to make the worst article effortlessly. okei. i'm being negative again..

i'm going to read it. i hate WILL[ jerk of the year]. i still love JEREMY.. haha! [perfect guy]. yan kasi si jessica hindi siya nung pinili..

*walang MY GIRL kahapon. maganda pa man din nung susunod. sige.

friendster muna ako.
add my friendster.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

call me a nerd, i don't care...

there's nothing else running through my mind for the past few hours but school. but there's this last shout out inf friendster i've read that changed all that.
anyhow. i just figured out that i need to do a lot of things. study for UP. study for physics. study for filipino, which by the way i've already failed it's first three quizzes. study anageom, sound dumb but i don't remember anything. so all-in-all, i need to study. it's not that i can't find time, it's just that i've been feeling a lot of confusing and frustrating things lately. sometimes i just stare blankly at my ceiling and letting myself fall asleep. so dumb. so now.. i still don't know the reason why i'm still here in front of this pc and typing nonsense things about my day...

so i better go...

science @ love?

1.God is giving u just 5 more minutes tolive, kungmy mhal ka, anong ssbihin mo s taongmahalmo?-hanggang sa muli...

2.Ano ssbihinmo sa isang taong ayaw mniwala nmahal mosya?- kung ayaw maniwala wag na pagpilitan.

3.Ano mas msakit? iniwank, o niloko k?- niloko ka..

4.a time n tlgang pinagaralan mongmahalin angisang tao?- hindi pa nangyayari..

5.Can lovers be friends after d break up? -- yes, if both parties have learned to move on...kasi kapag hindi pa. ibig sabihin nagmamahal pa nung isa, kahit may iba na.


1.Ano msasabi mo sataong sobrang seloso/selosa?- insecure...wag ka mag-alala, di ka nya iiwan. not unless napakaplayboy/girl tlga ng boyfriend/girlfriend mo..

2.Ano masasabi mo sa taong nagpipigilsalove?- just let it go. mataas ang pangarap nila...

3.Ano masasabi mo smga pLayGirl?- what goes up must come down.

4.Ano masasabi mo s mgasalawahan?- no two things can occupy the same space at the same time - impenetrability[science yan]. motto ko rin yan. masasabi ko.. mas mahal mo nung isa.

5.Anomsasabi mo s mga mangaagaw?- fight for it when it's worth-it. pero kapag may mahal na, wag ng pagpilitan pa.. [huh?] weird ko.

6.Ano masasabi mo s mgananloko sayo?- what comes around goes around...

1. Paano ka mag-MAHAL?- hindi ko tlga alam..

2.WARFREAK k b?- sa friends? oo.. pero hindi nung nanggigiyera type. nung sigaw-slash-debate type.

3.Ano ang karamihang FIRSTIMPRESSIONsayo? -- tahimik..e sa totoo naman e..

4. Mabilis ka ba magka-CRUSH saisang tao?- soobraang hindi.

5.SELOSO KA BA?- insecure ba ako? i think it depends on the magnitude..

6. Madalika bang MAKALIMOT ?- oo, pero kung interesado ka tlga. di ka naman makakalimot di ba?

7. Paanomo masasabi na TRUE FRIEND angisang tao? -- anjan xa lagi. ups and downs and always supports you.
8.importante FRIENDS OR FAMILY?? - -- pareho..

9.Naniniwala ka baSA LOVE?- gusto ko maniwala. pero at this generation, they show different meaning of love.
10.Ma-PRIDE kaba? sa totoo lang, oo. it runs in the blood...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

just a day..

i just came home from school moments ago. we were stranded in there for about 25 minutes. the tire was ripped so everybody went out the bus. the kids were playing.. as usual. i'm sleepy but i still don't want to sleep. i might end up waking up at 10 pm and i would not love that. i still want to watch my girl. the series is really funny and kakakilig. i really have fun watching them. i missed the monday episode and that sucked. that was one of the best episodes. [i think.]

*lee dong wook [julian] and lee dae hae[jasmine]

i had a lot of thoughts earlier but iwas too lazy to type.i changed first my layout and all of the thoughts that have been running in my mind while i'm still in our school bus were gone. so i guess i'll just talk about school.
we had mass. it's st.bede's feast day, i think. and there was this eucharist rather that gathered all the students in secondary level in our school gymnasium.and there was this awarding thing .
then we still had classes after lunch. we had english. good thing some of us were called for the annual honors. [yes, i am still part of it.. in God's mercy]. i got 90.46. and not bad.. it's still line of 9. for someone like me who was too lazy to understand chemistry by heart.
next week is our long test, sadly. so that means i need to study by now, or i'll be cramming by saturday and sunday. i'm also going to watch HS MUSICAL at disney channel, so maybe i'll be attending mass by saturday, but i don't think that would be such a great idea. i still have assignments for tomorrow and still idle to do it. oh, i forgot. we have reporting tomorrow about HISTORY-RELaTING-ECONOMICS. but i think that is easier thatn psychology.. oo0ohhh.. highschool life.


i borrowed the sweet valley high, senior high that is, from rachel. i missed them all.. jess and liz, melissa, tia, will[even if he's such a JERK],ken, maria, andy, conner and of course jeremy,the oh-so-perfect guy. and will is really a jerk. and jessica is just wasting her time with will, if only she could have chosen jeremy over will, she would have been happy now[ at least this part of the story]. but well, what else can i do, i'm just a reader. a frustrated reader. haha..

it's 6:35.. so i still need to change the css codes from my friendster. i wonder why friendster means a lot to me.. ikaw alam mo ba? you want to know why? who know, someone special might be over there..
haha.. just kidding. just livening up the nerves in me...
wuss tlga ako..

so till here. i may have missed some topics but i guess that would just stay with me. along with the thoughts in my chaotic head.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

the week that was

i just had my haircut. mejo mabigat sa ulo pero ayus lang.

1st week of school is over and i've met all my teachers.

mrs. almayda - homeroom/math teacher.
she's my admath teacher last year. and when she said that we're all going to pass because she's our teacher and she won't let us down. i said to mysel "yes, papasa na ako". last year's 4th year physci teacher is ms.diaz. good thing mrs/almayda is now ou teacher. soobrang laf3p and carefree kaso mabilis nga lang magturo.

mrs. clerigo - physics teacher.
she said, "you don't need to memorize formulas, all you need is to know the principle". she's great and napakagaling magturo. you'll never get bored.minsan nga lang nakkatakot kasi baka tawagin ka then you won't know the answer. di ba?? and she calls us engeng kapag mali sagot namen. but she said that we're not suppose to get offended by it because it really does not mean that we're dumb. besides bagay naman daw sa min kasi engineering daw kame. e di eng-eng. tawa lang kame..

mr. saria - anageom teacher
yes. i'm glad that he's my teacher kasi kahit papaano papasa naman siguro. unlike last year si mr. abrillo sa 4th year physci. my prom partner said that he really fails you if he want to. many students were removed from the honor roll because he failed them. so ngayun, at least pede naman siguro pakiusapan.

ms.elgario - english teacher
and slash my club moderator. depende pa if we don't change our minds in transferring. hehe. she's good, just by the way she speaks. isa lang ang sinasabi "MAGALING TONG TEACHER NA ITO". and hopefully i'm right. i shoukd watch my words and grammar around her.

mr.mancao - cve teacher.
ang dameng pinapagawa. actually hindi madame. mejo mahirap lang nung iba kasi he really wants REFLECTION. and for someone like me? baka mahirapan ako.. haha.. i'm looking forward to those anti=boredom activities he's preparing..

ms.miranda - filipino teacher
slash my teacher too last year. she should be our adviser kaso kinuha ng medsci. haha! we were joking about it last year. she said that she wants to be our advise and the whole class erupted with noise of happiness. but mrs.almayda is not that bad.looking forwar for my merits..

ms.aguas - prac.arts teacher
i thought she is so strict hindi pala. she smiles kapag hindi namin lam nung mga bagay-bagay. we're taking programming again. so abanga nio na future program ko. haha! as if. i thinkshe's good. she kind of made programming so interesting for me. last year qb sucked so much.. this year we're taking visual basic..

mr.caballero - social studies
slash our prefect. haha! last year marshall law kame sa knia pero ngayun tahimik na kame.. he really enjoys economics. and i wish i could. haha

ms. portillano - health teacher.
i think she's also your health teacher. as everyone else. mas mabait na xa kesa nung 2nd year. haha!!

ms.caramol - physical ed. teacher.
my friends hate her because they say she gives low grades. paano nangyari un? i even received 99 from her when i was in first year. 99 or 98. then they're saying na mababa magbigay? haha. they want ms.bracamonte but i think i prefer ms. caramol. yata. not unless something changes my mine. on-leave si ms.caramol e.

kung may na-miss pa ako sorry na lang. so there. andami pang homeworks..sige till here muna. i'm not feeling well again. it's something inside...

and anyhow. i think i just made another mistake in my oh-so-called life.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

suckfest of current world.. just tell me i'm insane.

have i told you how i hate my current situation?all i want is just this little thing called TIME.i woke up 630 in the morning today. kind of sucks huh?and here i am in the living ro0m watching some kind of koreanovela which i'm forced to watch's just..the other night, actually it was just last night. i did fill-up the UPCAT application form and i said to myself"hey, i still don't know anything". dammit.i need to study kasi nga di ako nagreview classes. and i still don't know what i'm going to take.
langhiya.and my mom is forcing me to take this course which i don't even know.
ayoko na! like now..
i want to stay in a room na so0obraang lakas ng music. nung tipong wala ka ng maririnig sa outside world. haaaayy.. kaso ganito na tlaga yata ang buhay ko. BORN to fail.
ewan ko na. basta for once, gusto ko wala muna akong pake..

ayoko na..

can't you see i'm so frustrated.
sometimes it comes to my mind about dying.
but life's full of struggles.
and it sucks..

"all i want was just that something to hold on to"

is that too much to ask?

SEND HELP to me..


Wednesday, June 7, 2006

officially senior.

o6-06-o6. today's our orientation. and yes, we were all quite excited about it.
i woke up 5 in the morning. kinda strange huh? for a fact that our orientation is still 1pm. i woke up early not because i'm excited. i don't know, sometimes i just have the tendency to wake up anytime. then i kept on bugging my m0m about things and telling her strange things. i'm kinda weird. so there.
i decided to watch the television so i could sleep. i ended up sleeping again 9 in the morning and i need to wake up by 10. so my m0m kept on shouting at me and she's telling that i'm going to be late because our school bu would pick me up by 11.
so i was already dressed up by 11. then ara and judy came into our house. ara said there's no electricity in their house because of what her father did to something. so they waited in our house for the bus while i watch one tree hill.haha!!. dumating nung bus before 12 na. hmmmp!

so there. i arrived at school then akala ko ako pa lang. andun na sila. grabe ang haba na ng hair ni iñigo na dating kalbo. pati si lawrence ang haba ng hair.

the bad thing..
42 section ko! ang daya. lahat kame nanibago kasi nung assembly parang siksikan na. unlike dati na so0obrang luwag kapag 39 or 49.
wawa nga physci ngayun e. kasi di nila naexperience nung 39 na place.
i want to be section 49 as physci pa rin.
and xempre walang naiba sa class namen. may dumagdag lang ng isa.
then adviser namen si mrs.almayda.[my admath teacher last year.] so since dati ay puro physci kame dati. we are so b0nded. kaso mejo pinagsabihan kame.. ang ingay daw namen..

sige till here. magpapapicture ako tomorrow for my UPCAT application.

this is so great!

Sunday, June 4, 2006

these days..

<div align="center">
Big Five Word Test Results
Extroversion (24%) low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.
Accommodation (44%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly selfish, uncooperative, and difficult at the expense of the well being of others.
Orderliness (61%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, neat, structured and restrained at the expense too often of flexibility, variety, spontaneity, and fun.
Emotional Stability (30%) low which suggests you are very worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.
Inquisitiveness (38%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly small minded, traditional, and conventional at the expense of intellectual curiousity, possibility, and progress.

Take'>">Take Free Big Five Word Choice Test
personality'>">personality tests by

anyhow.. mejo malabo pa yan. and mejo di ako naniniwala kasi overly neat?? please lang. nagkamali ata ako.

i just came home from the church. i attended the mass. i have not changed my clothes cause i'm so addicted to internet. hahaha!!
everytime i hear mass, i feel like the priest always sends the message TO me. hmp!
i'll be going to school on tuesday. it's our orientation. i just don't know what time yet. it's my senior year.. i am so EXCITED.and i'll be getting my allowance. i think i won't be eating for a month. it depends if i can take it.
i've already computed it and i will have about 2,500 Php by the end of the month. and i will be buying dvds. i just went to the go0d shepherd bazaare the other day with my friends. and i've checked the prices of the dvds. [one tree hill and the oc.] and guess what? 400 pero season. i think i heard it right. or that's only the 3rd season? ewan na! basta pagiipunan ko un. wag nio ako uubusan hah! if ever you people decides to buy to0..
i'm still frustrated on making a story. i am planning to join our school paper. i think i'm gonna fail. i think.
waaaaahhh!!! friends help me!!!

napano0d ko na let's go..
grabe parang nonstop. and si ALEX, parang toni gonzaga. my brother said that she is toni's sister. ewan ko lang.. basta parang toni gonzaga tlga xa..
i miss nonstop!

that's all for now. i can't think straight kasi may nangyari kanina e.
GOD? are you punishing me??
just kidding!

congrats KIM CHUI.. big teen winner.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

you tell me i'm difficult..

haay! kakatapos ko lang manuod ng game ka na ba?
grabe! sayang. as in malapit na nung sagot ng contestant. as in ang lapit

the question:
ano ang longest word sa english vocabulary na isang syllable lang at isa lang ang vowel nito?

then his answer:

and you want to know what the real answer is?

sayang!! grabe. nakakahinayang. xa na dapat nung 25th millionaire ng gknb. hmp!
that guy is so smart.

today is our fiesta.! yipee. i'm going to watch later. i think. pero di ako nakapag-mass. bad!

ang ganda ng wonderful life! nkakalungkot nga lang xa. kasi naman nung mga tsismosa! nakakamatay tlga at nakakagulo ng buhay. kaya dapat mga tinatanggal sa mundo mga tsismosa.. just kidding.
pag nagkaro0n ako ng kumpanya, hindi ako tatanggap ng tsismosa! kahit mga puro losers na matatalino asa kumpanya ko, i don't caaaarre!!
today is the last day of may. so0o bad. and then june na! and hindi pa nalalabhan ang aking uniform.. pasukan na..

things to do before classes starts:

: finish a story.[ yes, i am a FRUSTRATED writer who is frustrated with her life.]
:write a poem.
:ilabas ang lahat ng gamit.

okei.. nawala uli ako sa mo0d dahil sinigawan na naman ako ng nanay ko0.. LECHE!.

masaya ka ba sa buhay mo? kasi ako hindi. if u enjoy so much drama probably you'll love mine.
haaayyy. my friend and i said that we're going to die before 18.
sorry.. i still have plans na naisip ko lang kagabi.
i'll share it with you..
she said she'll die peacefully. ako hindi.
gusto ko pag namatay ako. magsisisi lahat ng tao na umikot sa mundo ko! LAHAT.
you i'm bad. you say i don't care.
you just don't know how to understand.

i have a question for you.
anong gagawin mo pag pagod ka na huminga? xempre di ka hihinga. e panu if there's a greater power na nagpapahinga saio?
anung gagawin mo para makuha ang gusto mo kung yung greater power na yun ay ayaw kang pahintulutan na maging MASAYA???

tell me..

that's all..