Friday, November 23, 2012

No designated title :)

3PM -- In the library

"It stings a little for me,too."

Well, I'm not sure if that was the exact line in Awkward. The thought is. This is what came into my mind first.

I can't even count the times I've convinced myself that I am so over it.
So over it.

But I'm not.  I am so not.

There is still this pang of jealousy and betrayal all in one. Stroke right through my heart... or my hypothalamus. It just hit me straight again. After all these years.

It felt like it's still the same kind of pain. The kind of pain that didn't change throughout the years.

The kind of pain that made me a fool thinking that I have this chance on you. When obviously, I don't.

I fucking don't.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I don't know if my cheek can still handle all the slapping reality does to me lately.
Where on Earth is my life going? Nowhere. Nowhere in particular.

It's been a lazy week. (Past three days to be certain.). There was nothing productive in my life. AT ALL.

Sometimes I feel the guilt but most of the time I just accept that this is my destiny. It's my destiny to swim in the ocean of mediocrity.


I feel like I've been struggling against th tides for a long time that I am very much willing to taken away by the current now. Let's go with the tides.

See. I really don't know what I'm saying right now. Part of my brain is still asleep and still picturing myself deep in slumber on my cozy bed. This is the only site that is not banned by this computer so I am very much ranting in here.

So, what I really wanted to tell you is that I didn't get today's experiment again. I was able to get the values BUT my stupidity got in the way and when my work is about to be checked.... it had an error. (Yes, programming is what I'm describing) So, I'm not quite sure if I had a grade or not. Either way, I don't feel bad.

Because a part of me is thinking that I've done the best I can.


I'm numb by too much slapping.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Essentials :)

For some weird reason, I just decided to post this one. Hahaha! So much for blogging. These are the things I bring to school everyday. They are my essentials since school is far from home. And this is me being a girl :)

1.COMPACT MIRROR—Jin’s gift for me some Christmas ago. It comes in handy when I have to check if I have anything on my lips right after I eat.

2.SAFETY PINS – Because you’ll never know when your zipper or buttons will betray you.

3.HAIR CLIPS – I have this constant battle with my hair… specially my bangs. So, I just gather my bangs with a clip when I’m not feeling the lugay day.

4.SCRUNCHIE – Again, the constant bad hair days are just pushing me to gather my hair some more. I also use this when I have to study at the library and I don’t need my hair to distract me from time to time.

5.SANITARY NAPKIN – Most of the time, my friends are the ones who get to use this during emergencies.

6.LULLABY  SKIN CARE WIPES – I often use this when I have to eat inside the FX and I don’t want to get my hands all dirty after. I get to use this too when I have to clean my shoes.

7.JOY POP-UP TISSUE – Because I’m a girl.

8.SAFEGUARD PURE WHITE BODY WASH – I usually have to deal with lead when I need to solder circuits. I need to wash my hands from time to time since I usually eat after school. I love this because it reminds me on how badly I want to take a shower right at any moment. It’s about its scent.

9.JOHNSON’S BABY POWDER – I sometimes have an oily face. No, actually I just got jealous of a friend who uses loose powder for her face. This type suits me better because it doesn’t come too white for my face.

10.LEWIS & PEARL  SWEET PARIS – I just wear cologne in school because I’m partly cheap. I got this scent right after I saw Jasmine Curtis’ advertisement on television. Yes, advertisements are that powerful.

11.NIVEA FRUITY SHINE (STRAWBERRY) – I have been loyal to this product for years! Out of the lip balms I have tried, I think nothing have compared to the service Nivea gives me. It gives the right amount of shine for long hours. It doesn’t sit awkwardly on my lips, too. It gives a hint of red not too dark for a sunny day.

12. SANSAN GLOSSY LIPS – A gift from my aunt. I like the shade because it’s light and not too dark. It smells like car-freshener. I like this because it doesn’t give so much gloss. At least not the one that looks awkward on my lips.

13.HAIR CLAMP – When I’m too lazy to even check myself out on the mirror, I just gather my hair with this.

14.SANSAN HYDRATING COLOR DEW – It’s a lipstick. I swipe it on my lips when I feel like a girl. Mostly when I’m in a good mood. It just gives the right amount of pink for the day.

15.BANDAID ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL – I use alcohol before and after I eat. I had this habit when there was a case of H1N1 at DLSU.

Pencil Case, oh Pencil Case

 1.CRYSTAL WATER BASE PEN 0.4 in Green, Purple, Sky Blue, Pink and Brown
2.LOTUS, Clickster Stik 0.8mm in Black
3.LOTUS, Bright, 0.6mm in Lilac, Lime, Charcoal and Cherry
4.Pink with blue lines stick note
5.Undo Pocket Corrector
6.FABER CASTELL Polymer Fine Lead 0.7,2B
7.Binder Clip
8.DONG-A JET Stick in Orange, Green and Yellow
9.ZEBRA New Hard in Red
10.M&G Co-Open 0.7mm in Black
11.PILOT FINE in Black and Blue
12.FABER CASTELL Mechanical Pencil, 0.7mm
13.ORIONS 6” ruler
15.SCRIPTI Stick Note
16.PENTEL Eraser