Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sobrang sabog, sobrang kalat.

Anyway, this week has been very, indescribable for me. So let me divide this entry.

We went to Tagaytay to visit the Pink Sisters. I am totally out of myself and maybe that may have done some damage to the petitions I've written. Considering that I wasn't able to pray well and I wasn't able to put the most important thing in the envelope. Well, not the most important thing. What was I thinking again? Oh wait, who was I thinking again? I was literally floating all over the place because I don't even know what I'm doing. It's like my soul has been stolen and I'm everywhere.

First exam. I realized that I was studying something that's not in the syllabus. Very stupid idea. I don't know if I did make it but I'm still putting my palms together. Gosh, I don't know anymore.

Another exam. It was supposed to be easy if only I did take the studying really really really seriously. I guessed I assumed a lot of things which was really really bad for my case. I don't even want to know anymore. Gahhdd, why did I sleep the precious night, again?

WOW. I wasn't expecting how bad this day was. My quizzes in CONTSIG were making it but apparently my ELETRO1 quizzes aren't! But I was really confident that one of those quizzes will make it but apparently none of it did! I was so upset and even more upset when I realized how much I was hanging on to a thread! Oh,please, God, oh please.

I don't understand but I trust HIM.

And one of the events this week is that my good friend slash best friend Ydette has a DENGUE and she's been suffering from it. I want to go to Batangas and see her and tell her that God would fight that battle for her. She's always been good to everyone and she's very close to God. Why, oh ,why.

I don't understand but I trust HIM.

So there, I just thought I needed to spill those things because it has been driving me insane lately.