Sunday, April 30, 2006

sunday morning...

i can't believe that it's already the last day of april. grabe! time flies. i still have about how many months? to review for the first college admission test i'm goint to take. UP. it's not my dream school or anything. you know, every parent wants their child to go there even if it's just taking the damn test.
it's sunday. yes. i used to love sundays but now it's just and ordinary day. so, i was supposed attend mass yesterday but i failed to. i did not know why. probably i was to0 lazy to go out on a saturday night. i need to change my mass sked for ONE TREE HILL. is that bad? i mean, ipagpalit daw ba ang simbahan sa television. at least i still go to mass.
anyway, so i'm just stuck in this house of ours again. i'm going to school on may 8 to get my bo0ks.

i have a new pic.
ay nako.. tsaka ko na lang ipopost at naasar na naman ako sa pop-up blocker namen!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

getting ready for something.. awesome!

wow! enrolled na ako. but i can't get the bo0ks. they need to clear first the check. o i have to return probably on may 4 or 5. then i'm going to tell anna so she can have the sweet valley bo0ks. i'm not yet done reading though.
ang panget ng bagong uniform. but i'm not going to buy the new design. my m0m said it's my last year and i won't need it anymore. [leche!] so i said i'm going to buy one. all i need is savings from the first week of classes. haha!!!

we went to national bo0kstore and we bought bo0ks for college admission thing. it looks like that i want to go to UP. but i actually don't. feel ko maganda nung sa AHEAD. my friend, zayc, said that students who have reviewed in AHEAD pass UP exams. to0 bad i won't have a review. 17,000 kasi dun e. utang na loob, ang laki na nun.

so i guess i have something to be busy about rather than reading a bo0k and helping my m0m at the store. it actually sucks.
right now i'm actually watching grey's anatomy. i only had the opportunity today. and i can't even watch properly. it's like i have a job in our store. anyhow.. i still love grey's anatomy.

i miss buying magazines. to0 bad, i'm getting po0r. in everything!!! dammit..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

tuesday marathon

w0w! a lovely tuesday night i should say. NIGHT. i watched at 630 pm i've watched pbb teen edition at studio 23. then at 800 i watched pbb at primetime bida.
i watched ONE TREE HILL. grabe! i really love seasons one and three. ang gwapo ni CHAD and of course ni JAMES. the story is different and di na ako gaanong makarelate though it was fun.
then after nun, i've watched the oc ng seas0n one sa star world. i so hate oliver! bakit xa ganun? i think that's the most dangerous way of stealing one's girlfriend! wawa naman si ryan. hmp! don't worry ryan.. then seth cohen nakakatawa tlga.. with summer and anna. and luke[ he reminds me of WILL SIMMONS dahil sa hair niya and he lo0ks like a fo0tball playEr.
after nun, nanuod ako ng CSI:NY. grabe! ang talino tlga nung isa dun.. nugn bago lang sa profession. haha!! love it so much.
i just finished watching the dishes and DRY na naman hands ko. i'm watching charmed right now and i'm going to watch the o.c. again and then pbb uplate. i'm starting to hate that niƱa. i don't know.. she's kind of mataray. i can't figure her out. basta. stay away from gerald. it's not like i like him or anything.. wala lang.
okei.. it's still so go0d to be back in the blogging business in here. i will fix it pa. i don't know how to tag and everything. who cares.
it's the thought that counts..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

being back..

wow! i'm back. i never thought that i can bring back my blog in here. sayang i made one in xanga. haha! i'll edit this one and make it beautiful.. i'll try. i have a pic na!! haha...