Monday, February 14, 2005

feb. 14..

i am really really tired.. i just got home from school and i read "Vince's Life" wawa nman ako.. nkatuLog..
i still need to do my cve long test ii.. yah!! i am cramming (did i get it right?) i am so happy coz i've finally understood multiplications of radicals (ang babaw)
ryt now? i am doing my cve long test ii.. haha!! and i still don't know how to do it.. waaahhh!! what a day..

yaahhh.. w0w.. i 4goT today is valentines' day..
kaia happy valentines' day sa lahat..

coz i.. i know i can never be enough to replace your whatever.. "neon"

there it goes again.. i am getting addicted to this band "Spongecola"


anu pa ba??
i wish i am good in literature..

kaasar! di ako mgaleng dun.. sad to say..

anyweiz.. i miss voLLeyball.. so0o0obraa!! asar nga kninang pe e. ayaw man lang magpahiram ng volleyball.. asar talaga..

i wish i had a "what a girl wants" dvd!! hehe!! cge aayusin ko na requirements ko....

yaaahhhh!!!! nababaliw na ako.....

i wish i was friendlier.. wala lang..


let me know if i'm doing this right
let me know if my grip's too tight
let me know if i can stay all of life...


... i need to know...""""""

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