Sunday, April 30, 2006

sunday morning...

i can't believe that it's already the last day of april. grabe! time flies. i still have about how many months? to review for the first college admission test i'm goint to take. UP. it's not my dream school or anything. you know, every parent wants their child to go there even if it's just taking the damn test.
it's sunday. yes. i used to love sundays but now it's just and ordinary day. so, i was supposed attend mass yesterday but i failed to. i did not know why. probably i was to0 lazy to go out on a saturday night. i need to change my mass sked for ONE TREE HILL. is that bad? i mean, ipagpalit daw ba ang simbahan sa television. at least i still go to mass.
anyway, so i'm just stuck in this house of ours again. i'm going to school on may 8 to get my bo0ks.

i have a new pic.
ay nako.. tsaka ko na lang ipopost at naasar na naman ako sa pop-up blocker namen!

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