Friday, May 2, 2008

i'm pretty pathetic

it's pretty hard to accept some things in life.
i mean, there have been times when i thought i've already move on and i was ready to be all broken again. but when fate just keeps on testing you. it's pathetic to know that somehow i really feel something for that person.

it's pretty pathetic that i still chose to be broken all over again. on how i chose to go thru the same things all over again. hmmmmm....

i know he loves her. i see it. i feel it.
it's pretty pathetic that i still hope that somehow....

...a door would still be open for me.

and now. with a different person, i still hope for the same thing.

should i give up?

or should i fight for it this time.

ang labo ko talaga mag-blog. :(

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