Saturday, June 7, 2008

wuzun and ella :)

WARNING: no angela zhang fan allowed. :)

so this is just plainly opinion on the things that i have read at this one forum.

okay. i've read that wu zun will be coming here in the philippines to promote ROMANTIC PRINCESS. it hurts you know. cause i believe that there are more ella and zun fans that angelun. ssoooo.. i hope that abscbn should just let fahrenheit and s.h.e. to come here in the country and if ever zun will be promoting RP here in the country.. i just hope that he will come ALONE! ir with ella.

i've also read that abscbn used hanakimi to promote RP. that just sucks.

i watched romantic princess yesterday because im forcing myself to like any drama kung nasaan si wu zun. but boy.. trailer pa lang hindi ko na natiis and i was just about to shut the damn television. pero siempre.. i still watched and that episode was just unbelievable. KALANDIAN!! haha! especially on the side of the lead actress. because you just don't tell a guy to lend his shoulder then cry like a crybaby!!! darn.

and now it soothes me because im not the only one who feels the same way. i feel at home at CE forums. i love it in there and it really makes me feel good. it erases the irritation in my mood!!

haha. but as the people there say.



wu zun hearts ella chen :)

gosh, they look so good together. sparks is just everywhere. and when zun smiles... his smile is different with ella.

unlike in RP.

i hope there's HANA KIMI 2 because i really want to finish the story!!!

:) ayeenatienza

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