Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm sitting in a stool as I stare on the empty plate in front of me. Im trying to think of something to scribble but there was only one thing in my head and there is no way I'm going to write that without offending someone. Afterall, it might just be the influence of paranoia in the first place.

So I tried to ignore every bell that goes off in this head. Fighting the thoughts that I'm the one being talked about.

I'm sorry. I honestly didn't mean to. If ever I'm the one you're trying to pinpoint.

The ink on the paper posted in my planner said I had a lot of thinks to do but I'd rather do all these networks first, It's here that I find freedom.

I came to this page where I thought on how cruel the world is. How it's size can be a friend or a foe. The world is small. It might be an advantage but sometimes it isn't.
The smell of misery still lingers on the same circle. We're all moving in one without our knowledge.

The sad part is, I'm always the sole loser.

and I hate it.

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