Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love is hard to catch nowadays.

Days are long and nights are even longer. Too bad, love isn’t like a flu that is easy to catch. There are times when loneliness outruns me in the race of life and being alone seems like a torture. In these desperate times, I turn to the only entertainment I know, television. Oh I am in love with television.

There are a lot of loveteams that were able to make me hyper to the point that I feel in love at that moment too. There’s John Lloyd and Bea, Mark and Jennylyn, Matt and Melissa, Lauren and AJ,and even the controversial Josh and Hayley, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never been this fangirl in my whole life.

I want you to meet, Kathryn and Albie, or KATHBIE as their fans call it (ahem, I’m one of them). These two people portray the roles of Mara and Christian in the top primetimes show, Mara Clara.

As I watch their story I kept asking myself, what the hell was I doing in highschool? Why didn’t I attempt to make a good character of a lovestory out of myself? Now my diary’s empty and no one seems to make me smile during those times.
Going back to the loveteam I adore. Mara and Christian’s first scene already caught my eye. Aside from the fact that Christian’s appeal is undeniably hard to resist, their chemistry is what got me. I mean just seeing them standing side by side each other can make me smile like a total idiot that’s never been in love. Oh wait, that’s true. I know it may seem so shallow but it’s really hard to keep all the kiligness to self. THEY ARE JUST SO FREAKING AWESOME and adorable! I just love them right now. And I would honestly like to say that these two people, these two characters, are what got me through my previous frustrations. – guys I only had halfway. And we all know that those kind of guys are the hardest to forget.
The story starts when Mara moved in to a private school as a scholar. Right before meeting the school’s basketball superstar, Mara met this guy who tried to shoplift a bracelet. Mara stops the guy from succeeding and save him from getting caught at the same time. And it was riot from that time as the guy refuses to be grateful to Mara and instead, he said he’ll never forget her face. A few days later, they meet eye to eye again at AAA’s basketball court. That guy was Christian. Being a certified bully, Christian continues to pester Mara but this girl never gave in. A few more episodes later, someone fell for another. Christian found himself defending the constant damsel in distress, helping her with getting a work, not get bullied by others and winning an election. Christian fell for Mara.

And it’s not only Mara who fell for Christian, every girl who watched their story did.

So I never mean for this entry to be this long. All I really wanted to share is that they are now the love of my life and seeing the current episodes just kill me. REALLY. They had Mara dead! But if you’re really a fan , you’ll know that that is crappiest thing ever. Seriously.

I hope their loveteam lasts.

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