Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lost Skill

To write or not to write?

I guess, that's the question.

I don't know why I'm deciding to put this here. These thoughts could be somewhere else. It could have been on my LJ but something tells me it's supposed to be here.

To write or not to write?

I don't know how many times I've passed up on opportunities that involved writing. There goes a friend's offer of taking writing lessons over the summer. There's this Writer's Guild organization I'd registered for but never really attended a single meeting. There's this school publication qualification exam I turned my back on because I thought there are more important things than writing very very long articles that will probably take so much of my time.

There are also these stupid stories in my head that were never really finished. Some of them just vanished without even reaching a paper. Some of them, I just decide it's not worth continuing anymore.

There goes the thought of writing again. The thought of finally accomplishing something tangible. A book. A book that is somehow related to me.

Then, there goes the asking. To write or not to write?

I just don't know if I'm good enough to finally materializing this idea. A part of my brain is telling me that this will be just one of those things that will turn out to be a total crap.

Do I really have this skill in writing like my friends tell me? Or are they just being friends telling me that I am good enough.

Why am I here for?

Is writing one of them?

Am I suppose to share a part of myself through writing? Could I possible trade numbers for words?

To write or not to write?

That is the question.

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