Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Friday, It's Friday.

I'm sitting on the same chair. Or not. I'm in front of the same monitor, probably typing on the same keyboard and clicking on the same mouse. I am here, pretending to be knowledgeable of things when in reality, I don't have a single clue on what I'm supposed to do. Thank god the deadline has been moved. I am alone when I'm supposed to be joined by two other brains, but no, I am alone and I cannot draw a single idea from my head. Anyway, we are closer to the end. Finals are fast approaching that I barely felt it passing. I mean, look, we are past half of August and three more weeks til the finals.

The saying that time does fly seems to be an understatement already. It's starting to be faster than speed of light.

So what should I put in this progress report? I've researched stuff but everything that I had known from this course is mixed up in my head. Hell, I even dream about it. Soooo...

It's just another Friday here on this chair.

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