Wednesday, July 19, 2006

making our name...

whew! tomorrow's the dasayawit. i am so nervous. what if i make a mistake.. no0o0. good thing is the this year i'm already on the third row unlike last year i was in front.
if there's one thing i hate about people is those people who are not only hypocrites but also bias people. not really hate. irritated? i don't know. they are those people who make my blood boil to the highest point. pang asar.

section 42 is making its name. a noisy-passive-grade concious- students. all of our teachers were already complaining about our behavior. imagine? they are declining OUR grades. [sign of being grade concious]. but i think it's unfair. we've been together for 1 year and i think were a lot more noisier last year. and the teachers are already getting irritated by us? whoa? but at some point, i can't blame them. sadly.

tinamaan ako sa discussion sa english. we were talking about forgiveness and blah-blah. nako. tinamaan na naman ako. haha!'s go0d that i learn something else inside the classroom. i'm starting to like greek mythology! :-). but there are a lot of things i still need to know.

gosh. we suck at dancing.

i'm planning to write a poem slash story for our club. sadly, i'm a one hell of a frustrated writer. hmp!. but who knows? i might as well learn something besides sucking at english.

i failed on my plan. of course i won't tell you the plan. :-)
stronger than
oh Lord, you have shown your favor
your every word stands true
i'm found safe within your harbor
anchored deep in you
you washed away my tears
gave me joy and freedom
lifting me through the years
your love is stronger than
the sound of heaven's praises
higher than the lofty mountain peaks
deeper than the deepest ocean valleys
strong enough for me.

i have finished my long test two in practical arts. thanks to nicole for helping me.

i really suck.

maybe next time i should write with a purpose.

still proud to be PHYSCI.

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