Tuesday, August 15, 2006

been infected by a virus...

not do i only have complicated relationship with numbers but i also do have complications with my whole senior year class. i hate this lazy-attitude of mine. many things have been ruined in my senior year and i'm hating it a lot. i need to be more serious and i got to forget other stuffs and other people/ PERSON(?). :-) . so it might sound dumb but i want to have a


again. since i'm really having a hard time these days and my first quarter have been greatly affected. got to focus more.. more and more. cause i live in a world of grade-concious and high-grades people. so i better be one?? and since the next three quarters would give me a lot more HARDER lessons, MORE projects and a lot more PRESSURE. t. i should start handling pressure properly. just pray that i won't cry.. :-) i would do my best no to check my friendster to0. cause someone... isn't changing anything. so there.

and i don't think something awesome or go0d would happen to me for the next few days since it would be the giving of grades and everyone knows that i did not do so0o0o go0o0d or better in there. so much for being me.


till here.

next tym would be... I HAVE NO IDEA.

"lost in a crowd where i feel i don't belong..."b> -ayeenatienza
anneyong seo.. :-)

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