Monday, August 14, 2006

three days in silence??

we just had our retreat for the past three days. it was fun and sort of frustrating and irritating at the same time. it's fun because we had a little bonding in our ro0ms kasi mejo pwede lang naman magingay and magkwentuhan kahit malakas. haha. frustrating kasi napaka "pathetic" ng retreat letter ng !p!ah and some people are so0o.. biased. :-). and it came to the point na parang wala akong natutunan. kasi it's about Jesus di ba? and what they're saying is a fact i've already known for several years. they just kind of elaborated it. but still, it's just the same. the fo0d was go0d. ayus naman siya. wala nga lang appetizer and dessert. :-). then nung mga sessions ang dameng natulog kasi ba naman pagod na pagod pa kame from the past few weeks of hectic sked. there's UPCAT, then quarter exams then they still ask us to make a write up and we still need to do a lot of retreat letters since it's the last year. di ba napaka unfair naman nun? kaya nung pauwi na parang wala ng gana na manggulo sa bus.. hmp!
nung SUPERFRIEND lng na term natutunan ko. pero alam ko na yun kasi nababasa ko siya sa school paper dati. dun pala galing un. nyeh! ang sama ko ba? kasi medyo i've learned nothing? pero kahit papaano naman meron. ang babait ng auxies.. haha! kaya nga nung iba they also wanted to an auxilary. then us, jahgonal bonded. inaapi namin si LEA DOMAGAS. hehe! lagi na lang si lea.. nung mga ganun type. pero seriously, totoo naman nung mga pinagsasabi namin. LEA, if you're reading this. alam mo namang totoo un di ba?? hehe!
well, i still have a lot of things to do. our teachers are so oblivious to the fact that we are so tired that they give us LOADS of assignments. so much for being physci.

GOD, i am so nervous with my test. being careless lately. and i still wish that i still have God's mercy..

so till here. thanks for those people who gave me retreat letters esp. the unexpected ones. and for those people who promised that they will give me one and i've received nothing from them. and for those people whom i expect a sensible retreat letter gave me a pathetic one. yes.. you know who you are cause you, yourself said that what you gave was pathetic.. anyhow, i still appreciate it.
thank you guys, seriously. gamsa hamnida.

ehem. expect a better treatment from me. do you get it?? it's meant to be sarcastic. :-)

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