Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I now have two korean boyfriends! :D

He is So Yi Jung of Boys Before Flowers. Member of the famous group in Shinhwa, the F4. Known as a Casanova. But who could blame him? his charm and smile are just irresistable. Very rich, a sculptor, he has good looks, he's kind and has really smooth moves.

i just don't know if he's a player. but he will surely break your heart when he leaves you. but then again, you'll come chasing after him!!

awwww. i can't get enough of him. his character, the way he walks and the way he smiles. ugh, another weakness.

but he's in highschool and a lot of girls chase him! so what's your chance on getting into his heart?

don't worry. he WILL fall in love with a lower middle class. hmmmmm... but will he break her heart?

portrayed by KIM BUM! very very very handsome!!!! and he was born in 1989. hmmm.


*boys before flowers is currently airing in korea. :D

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