Wednesday, August 26, 2009


FINE! but i just couldn't help but to know their story. I know it's really none of my business and I shall respect their privacy or something but I don't go stalking them anyway or something. But--I just couldn't help myself.

So here are some of the pictures I found over at a site my good friend, Trisha Zayco, introduced me to. God, it's so addictive and some things are mean!

BTW, Josh and Hayley admitted they dated until fall of 2007.

MAN. awwww! :)

THIS. I WANT . I WANT. I sighed as soon as I saw this picture! :D hahaha! I LOVE THEM! they make good music together.

AND THIS MADE MY HEART BEAT EVEN MORE. Emo much. hahaha! God, they really have been in love. It's really precious to see two people who are really on love. I don't care if it's young love or anything. I still love the both of them!

THIS SO JUST SO FUNNY! The picture is a date to Melting Pot and Hayley brought Chad there! hahaha! I love this. :D


and there's more coming up! hahaha!

I apologize for anyone who will get irritated or pissed off or anything negative. :D

Source: Parasecrets.


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