Monday, March 8, 2010


I just realized on how much I look up to Hayley Williams. I mean, come on, I'm probably one of those people who had hated her for a time because of the misery in Josh's face. I just realized on how strong she is. She was able to stand all of those rumors of being a cheater, being pregnant and all of the bad things that you could thing of. At this point, she is able to stand gloriously. She's touring half of the world for Pete's sake! Let's give her the credit that she's really talented. Her livejournal entries and her songs were the prime reasons I started writing my own song and writing sensibly about my emotions. I had a song journal because I was inspired by her. I want to learn how to sing and rock the microphone cause I saw how good it was to let the world know about you through a song.

And now that Paramore is coming to our country, probably arriving today, I can't help but regret that I wish I would have staked things for it. Screw school, screw my parents who think that putting earphones in your ears and blasting the iPod volume could send your grades to hell. I would've ran without direction! Just went with the beat. I wanted to live that way.

Argh. So what now? I've honestly got a lot of things inside this heart cause it has been a very surprising Monday and I don't want to talk about some of it-- yet. I just wanted to say on how I admire Hayley for being strong and for having the confidence to defend herself every once in a while. Her life seemed like a battle and I guess she is victorious.

Cause I'm feeling the same at the very moment. I feel like everything is against me and I hope I could find the courage to slap it to their faces on how pathetic they are.

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