Thursday, May 27, 2010


One hot day, out of boredom and laziness, I decided to watch something that I have watched before. I opened this drawer where I stuff all the DVDs I've bought in the past and my hand landed on One Tree Hill. I chose from Seasons 1-4 and since I really wanted to reminisce, I just decided to watch the third season.
In this season, Haley and Nathan was just thinking of a divorce, well, just Nathan. He wanted it because Haley kind of went off with Chris Keller.
So anywaaaayy, my point is, there is this episode where Lucas and Haley would just see their predictions. The ones they have made the previous year and they are going to make a new one. An idea struck my head.
I WILL do the same thing. I will predict this coming academic year. And my life as well. hahaha!

So first on my list is.

I WILL MOVE ON. I will move on from the guy I never got anything from. Well, aside from mixed signals and confused emotions and lots of complains. I'm finally setting myself free of his negativity and try to live the life I wanted for myself.

DUH. I'm Ayeen Atienza, I am so better than him.

I know, I know. That's the spirit.



raaach said...

boys or no boys..
we girls will have a latta fun!:D

Ayeen said...

trruuueee! :)