Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I don't know if my cheek can still handle all the slapping reality does to me lately.
Where on Earth is my life going? Nowhere. Nowhere in particular.

It's been a lazy week. (Past three days to be certain.). There was nothing productive in my life. AT ALL.

Sometimes I feel the guilt but most of the time I just accept that this is my destiny. It's my destiny to swim in the ocean of mediocrity.


I feel like I've been struggling against th tides for a long time that I am very much willing to taken away by the current now. Let's go with the tides.

See. I really don't know what I'm saying right now. Part of my brain is still asleep and still picturing myself deep in slumber on my cozy bed. This is the only site that is not banned by this computer so I am very much ranting in here.

So, what I really wanted to tell you is that I didn't get today's experiment again. I was able to get the values BUT my stupidity got in the way and when my work is about to be checked.... it had an error. (Yes, programming is what I'm describing) So, I'm not quite sure if I had a grade or not. Either way, I don't feel bad.

Because a part of me is thinking that I've done the best I can.


I'm numb by too much slapping.


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