Saturday, November 3, 2012

Essentials :)

For some weird reason, I just decided to post this one. Hahaha! So much for blogging. These are the things I bring to school everyday. They are my essentials since school is far from home. And this is me being a girl :)

1.COMPACT MIRROR—Jin’s gift for me some Christmas ago. It comes in handy when I have to check if I have anything on my lips right after I eat.

2.SAFETY PINS – Because you’ll never know when your zipper or buttons will betray you.

3.HAIR CLIPS – I have this constant battle with my hair… specially my bangs. So, I just gather my bangs with a clip when I’m not feeling the lugay day.

4.SCRUNCHIE – Again, the constant bad hair days are just pushing me to gather my hair some more. I also use this when I have to study at the library and I don’t need my hair to distract me from time to time.

5.SANITARY NAPKIN – Most of the time, my friends are the ones who get to use this during emergencies.

6.LULLABY  SKIN CARE WIPES – I often use this when I have to eat inside the FX and I don’t want to get my hands all dirty after. I get to use this too when I have to clean my shoes.

7.JOY POP-UP TISSUE – Because I’m a girl.

8.SAFEGUARD PURE WHITE BODY WASH – I usually have to deal with lead when I need to solder circuits. I need to wash my hands from time to time since I usually eat after school. I love this because it reminds me on how badly I want to take a shower right at any moment. It’s about its scent.

9.JOHNSON’S BABY POWDER – I sometimes have an oily face. No, actually I just got jealous of a friend who uses loose powder for her face. This type suits me better because it doesn’t come too white for my face.

10.LEWIS & PEARL  SWEET PARIS – I just wear cologne in school because I’m partly cheap. I got this scent right after I saw Jasmine Curtis’ advertisement on television. Yes, advertisements are that powerful.

11.NIVEA FRUITY SHINE (STRAWBERRY) – I have been loyal to this product for years! Out of the lip balms I have tried, I think nothing have compared to the service Nivea gives me. It gives the right amount of shine for long hours. It doesn’t sit awkwardly on my lips, too. It gives a hint of red not too dark for a sunny day.

12. SANSAN GLOSSY LIPS – A gift from my aunt. I like the shade because it’s light and not too dark. It smells like car-freshener. I like this because it doesn’t give so much gloss. At least not the one that looks awkward on my lips.

13.HAIR CLAMP – When I’m too lazy to even check myself out on the mirror, I just gather my hair with this.

14.SANSAN HYDRATING COLOR DEW – It’s a lipstick. I swipe it on my lips when I feel like a girl. Mostly when I’m in a good mood. It just gives the right amount of pink for the day.

15.BANDAID ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL – I use alcohol before and after I eat. I had this habit when there was a case of H1N1 at DLSU.

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