Thursday, March 21, 2013

How the Summer Heat Burned my Pocket

It’s summer! And it’s pretty much obvious here in the Philippines because of the tremendous heat. Better load up on water if you don’t want to dehydrate yourself.
Since summer is here, it’s time for short clothes. I am pretty much reinventing myself, trying stuffs I’ve never tried.
So I bought myself board shorts! I love these things. Really. I think it would come really good this summer.
I am very much a loiter in this mall near our office. I go there everyday. I was at SM Hypermarket last Monday and I was able to see these cute boardshorts for the price of 150Php each! It’s 50 pesos cheaper than the ones in Surplus Shop. They just took my heart away. I can even see them in my sleep. So, the next day, using my Sodexo, I decided to buy a couple of boardshorts and buy a pair of shoes.
Plans were suddenly messed up because my friend kept throwing me all these cute designs and I can literally cry there. It’s so hard to be poor. :(
Anyway, I ended up buying these. :)

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