Thursday, September 21, 2006


i found a solution that have been undeniably unsolvable for years.
maybe i should take drugs. ECSTACY maybe?
haha!. but i'm still thinking about it. i want to have time for everything. for school, studying in ALL my subjects to catch up and patch things. but i won't allow to have my whole life ruined by just this damn INSECURITY. as said by the PNP school based protection program seminar we had, "sisirain lang niyan ang buhay mo". but i don;t know, i can't handle pressure at this point and i'm so damn tired of it. and to think i'm just a 4th year student. what more if i'm already in college??
or maybe i'm just like NATHAN SCOTT...

or i just watch to0 much one tree hill nowadays.

don't worry my friends, i'm still SANE. :-)

** there's something fishy in our barkada. four of us are working like veronica mars to connect to people who obviously LIKE each other. so we've got to take anyone who is blocking their way, even if it includes another friend!**
does that make sense?? or the guy likes the other friend to0??
o god, we're pathetic. or they are. at least.

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