Monday, September 18, 2006

lost.. big time.

i'm LOST in a world where i think i don't belong.
i used to hate people who pretend on being intelligent. and you know what? i have no difference to those people.
god, i suck at school. maybe i just luck time to review. or maybe, i'm just plainly dumb. i can't catch up. today at laboratory my friends are together in one table and i'm the only one who have been separated. and i'm totally clueless on things. they've been always on the top and i'm the only one who's left at the bottom. maybe i just don't belong in there circle. i'm getting INSECURE again. just like what i always feel, everytime they talk about school stuffs.
i'm messing things up BIG TIME. i got to change fast before i completely go insane and be shattered into pieces.
just pray that i've got to figure thing out.... so0n.

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