Saturday, March 22, 2008

now i'm wondering

studying and la salle has made me realized a lot of things. has let me study and observe different people. it's funny how people seem to have some problems when it seems that they have everything. and no wonder why some people seem to be uber successful... because they have everything.

i have this two people in my world.

person 1: she is perfect. she has everything you will be wanting in a girl. she no problems with her family members. she's rich. no wonder she's been doing so good in school.

person 2: she's rich. it's given. her parents seem to love her. she's got the loving boyfriend. it looks like she gets what she wants. so i wonder why is she trying to get rid of her life when she's living a life of a princess.

i am person 3. i have encountered a lot of problems for the past years. and i mean A LOT.
i lost a lot of things. one by one. and i really fear that something may not be left with me. MONEY is my top problem. i now believe that poverty is the cause of all problems. often, i think that i may not be a person of mediocrity if i had everything i wanted. i used to live like a princess too. getting everything i want. i used to have good relationship with my folks. but now it's just so sad cause it's gone. i feel so ALONE. being left with nothing.

so now i'm really wondering. why would person two wants to get rid of her life? when she got what person 1 and person3 wants. and it's his love.


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