Sunday, March 30, 2008

they're so in love...'s really sweet.
i used to think that she's someone you could mess with because she maybe bitchy and useless. but when i finally got to read some of her thoughts and know some things about her... she's amazing. no wonder mr.elevator guy loves her so much.

it's like this. i gave up watching graduation and watched cbe's dance performance instead. i found him in the 7th floor which packed with people. as his girl and her partner started to walk towards the place where i used to be, he also started walking. he stayed in front of the girl and started taping her whole performance. and all i can say to myself i s that he really loves her. he really does. awwwww...

then i started thinking of letting go. hmmm..

then i think she does not deserve him. (o hindi). but then when i finally found her page. i saw on how much she loves him. and vice versa. awwww...

8 months.

at first i wanted to say that i could sing the song..

"..i waited 8 long months she finally set him free, i told him i couldn't lie, he was the only one for me."

pero give up. i mean crush ko lang yun guy. hindi ko naman siya aagawin ot something. haha!!

he makes me smile.

and it actually feels so good to smile these days.


ciao :)

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