Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The stress that is graduation. :))

Usually people look forward to graduation but I, on the other hand, just want to get over with it. It's taking so much time.

Well it takes so much time because my school is lame. It doesn't conduct it's own pictorial and they don't fix the schedule so we might as well just go and find another place. I am still thinking on what to do with my creative shot or should I still do it? I have this clearance to fix and recollection to attend do. Maybe I'm just being a whiny bitch because I wanted to dedicate every available time for studying.

I feel very frustrated because I am not making it on Periodic Evaluation Examinations. This is probably due to the fact that I do not dedicate 100% of me to studying. Like now, I am on Facebook.. and here. But I'm on FB only because I have this pictorial thing I have to arrange. And it falls on a Friday.

Anyway. I just wanted to get this over with.

Oh, I still need to shop for a dress, shoes, accessories, hair products, make-up for grad. I'm doing my own make-up and hair cause the salon people have this tendency of overdoing things. When I graduated in highschool I looked like something I can't even describe. My face was so brown and it felt like I was wearing n layers of make-up. It didn't feel good.

So this graduation, I am doing my own make-up using my knowledge I've acquired through FB. I'm still thinking if I'd go thru with all the contouring.

So there. Time for Trig and Geometry.

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