Thursday, May 22, 2014

Doubt & Inadequacy

It's creeping in. It is slowly creeping in -- the doubt. The self-doubt whether I would make it. Would I? It's been almost two months since review started and I have failed miserable on exams. I failed to catch up on reading homeworks, I failed to continuously solve problems in Take Home Exams. I failed and it scares me.

Will I make it?

It's less than a week before GEAS and EST crash down on me and load me up with more information. I felt like I wasn't serious enough. I started doubting with my inadequacy.

I am lacking.

Aside from the fact that I can't keep myself from getting online and get myself lost on trivial matters, I can't get myself to study because I feel like I don't understand a thing.

Why am I undergoing these things again?

Oh, it's because I have a dream.

And what was I sacrificing for it?

So far, none.

And it sucks... BIG TIME.

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