Monday, January 14, 2008

frustrations. near its climax. i think.

lea gave me a gift! thanks lea. and so i will stuff my frustrations there.
so. i was crying while writing all my "sama ng loob." to all the things that i could not reach. for all the people who touched my life and then walked away.for those people who were able to chase their dreams. and for the people who were lucky enough to be with the people i dream to be with. :)
well i wish i were typing in my own computer but i am somewhere in manila because sharing my thoughts with the public isn't an "academic" thing. so it's not allowed at home.
hmmmm.. i've been sighing a lot lately. a sign that i am tired of what's happening with my life. if something's happening.
i really have nothing else to say but "frustrated."
i just can't move on...
sad isn't it.

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