Saturday, January 5, 2008


so i was not posting here for so long but i suddenly missed it.
men, a lot of things had happened in my life. some are good but a lot are bad.
i continuously struggle between the good and the bad. i'm lost and i'm trying to find my way back.

i'm crying out for help.
i'm outstretching my hand.
help me.
save me.
drag me to the bright side.

on my multiply blog. i was thinking on getting some nicotine to get through college but i just can't. cause i think that's not me. but there's this thing that i have done that i never imagined myself doing.
man. seriously.

so this is not just about school. my problems deepened and men.

i am so flattered to be depressed.

i guess..
SIX LINES on my skin.
not bad for one week.

so i like the way i used to write my past entries. i think that was awesome,
i think.
so i miss writing like that .
it was more positive than the way i write my life right now.

this is just the start of new blogging.
i think i missed a year of not blogging here.
i think.

i hope it's the start of something new. :)

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