Monday, January 21, 2008

my trip to beda...again

i went to beda again to watch the annual batch cheering competition. i said to myself that i would go there early because i want to start to program because MC might sing again! :) haha. but as usual plans go, i failed. i arrived there at 1030 am when i am supposed to be there before 10. sad again.
anyway, the juniors won!sad for the seniors right? but i guess the juniors really deserved it. and the freshmen deserved it too. haha!
i was shocked because *geegee* was there in the seniors squad making his stunts. and mehn!! it was awesome.
then i watched the battle of the bands, still not seeing MC, i just waited until wenobo played. and they won too. zayc is so happy! i was making her jealous because i was able to watch the battle. seeing those pinkiesmilies going down the drain! haha!!

and still i'm sad because i was not able to see MC. my dear MC <3>

and i miss his VOICE! damn damn damn! hahahaaa

wel nothing interesting happened in my trip there because i was not with my lovable and adorable friends..JAHGONAL! if zayc, anna and the gang were there, we would have shouted on the top of our lungs... kasi naman! i was so alone. haha!! i was not able to express my deepest feelings with the festivities. :)
by the way. my birthday's next week.
i am expecting some gift from someone else. and i would really really really really be me. haha! but i think it would be impossible because he told right in front of my face that he would not give me anything. and that's enough to believe him. :)

okay.totally going away from the topic. so that's it.

i just miss MC.

"just so you know these feelings takin control of me..."

again.damn. :)