Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i've got a lot to say to you.

a lot of things really make me insane and anxious these past few days. the highlight of my week would probably when some people made me insane because of thinking!!

i really hated it when he asked me a question. and the question does not concerns him anyway. i mean if i answered his question with a yes or a no.... he'd still do the same thing he planned a few weeks earlier maybe. and sad cause i think people lied to me about some special things. did you know that i did not even had the mind to study for my ANSOGEO quiz? good thing GOd has mercy and our test was moved to MONDAY. thank HIM really. and i hope that the people who keeps on turning me around would have the conscience for all those things that they are telling me. cause i really dont care if what lies ahead is better. i've been DISTURBED. making me insane right now. and BAD.

mehn, seriously. i'm near hell. hmmmm...

damn the people who make me think so much..

specially himm...


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