Monday, November 13, 2006

at the end of the day.

you know what's great about school? If you're like me who is frustrated in making the grade, you'll love school because at the end of the day there is always something to talk about in your blog.
so. i screwed physics. i'm scared because i don't know if it was easy or i was too dumb not to answer it all correctly. i got my answers all wrong. physics is something that no matter how hard you study you still end up thinking. you don't memorize in physics. YOU DO THINK and ANALIZE things. but hopefully i could use that analization skills when i get to college. all i need is positivity. could someone give me that. oh well, it's nine pm and i still have tests tomorrow. i should be really running right now.
oh, by the way, i had the worst eyebags ever. i swear. i have been scared the moment i had looked in the mirror.
there's no way screwing math. i'm good at math. and it's not something that just disappear as you enter senior high. i know that "goodness" is still within me. all i have to do is search for it inside of me. i miss my first year days when i don't have to study and yet i get a high high high grade. wait. i never had an uber high grade in math. i forgot. well, i'm gonna miss these days. i wish.

"to love and win is the best thing. to love and lose, the next best"


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