Monday, November 20, 2006


is it just me or life really seems so hard? i'm just sixteen and i feel like i've already done the BIGGEST mistake in my life. it looks like i've already had the HUGEST regret. no unless i'm really going to die soon then it's true, i've met my biggest mistake.

it's just that. i thought they would understand. when i say that i have a problem. when say that i'm not emotionally stable. i thought they are going to reach out their hand. but no, i was so wrong. i guess what they say is true "madaming namamatay sa maling akala"
when i said i was depressed that i need psychological help, they thought that i could not be depressed cause i'm living A life. but they don't understand. they really don't. then they blame the thing that makes me happy. they say it's wrong. then if things that makes me happy are the wrong things, i just don't want to be right. would you throw away something that makes you smile in the middle of the day. something that puts energy in you every morning. something that gives you the reason to wake up early. would i throw that away.

one thing i don't understand. you're not perfect yourselves. then why do you push things that i should be like this and like that?? hanggang doon lang nung grade ko. may magagawa ka pa ba?

"trying hard to reach out but everytime i speak out, felt like no one could here me. i wanted to belong here but SOMETHING FELT SO WRONG HERE..."

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