Wednesday, November 15, 2006

.me against the world.

does the people around me just gets smarter or is it me being dumber? there are things that made me look super dumb today.
first. i just got a 81 in my csat. (stupid, stupid ayeen.). how could i have a grade like that? if i got 81 in bene? what else could i possibly get in la salle, ateneo and up? uh. so frustrated. good thing i'm trying to live on the positive side.
second. my social studies grade. though i think i got 90. i don't know. it's like i got the lowest score. i swear. everyone whom i've asked or have heard they all got higher scored than me. hmp! so frustrating.
third. i still suck at es. GOD, help me.

one thing made me happy:
i got a 95 in Filipino. oh, well. you don't know how hard is it to get a line of nine in Filipino nowadays.

one month to go. and it's simbang gabi. even if my schedule would be uber hectic since there are a lot of stuffs on the way. my quarter exams (which would fall on the 15th,18th and 19th.). the alumni party thingy. (it will fall on the 16th.) and then there's the investigatory project (which would be submitted on the 10th and 14th). wow. they really think we're super heroes huh? so i guess i need to maximize time and forget logan for a moment. as if that's gonna happen. i wake up 4 in the morning just to watch and see him! by the way, i miss nathan! anna got my three-season dvd. SHOUT TO ANNA. i miss my dvds. :-)

i so want to watch season 4 of oth and season 3 of vmars. waaaaahh!! someone made me an addict.

"you do your best to show me love but you don't know what love is"

toddles :-)

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