Friday, July 2, 2010


VersaEmerge's latest album, Fixed at Zero. This is the latest music in my ears.
Sierra's lyrics hit me like a ball that I felt it in every nerve of my system. I could relate to some of the songs specially, "You'll Never Know". It felt like resisting into something that you know you've already fallen into. "Fixed at Zero" describes my life for the past years. Doing everything you can and still not moving forward. "Mind Reader" is IN MY OPINION, someone about who knows your moves, someone who thinks they know you too well but they don't. Someone who does the decision for you, the choices for you but for all they know you just want to head to the opposite side.
This album is really rocking. It has been a week and I'm still hanging onto it. I hope I could memorize any of the songs through repetition of playing.

Go Download their album or buy it in iTunes! These people are really great artists!

Life songs > Love songs


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