Monday, May 15, 2006

driven insane..

hey, it's just 730 am. whoa? i woke up early. it was intentionally cause i want to clean my ro0m.
belated happy mothers' day. sorry medyo di ko feel nung occassion. i actually forgot that it was mothers' day. go0d thing my friends forwarded me a message and they said they want to greet my m0m. anyhow.
SUMMER IS OVER! yes. the heat is g0ne! [sorry for summerlovers.] and it's so cold. and i'm loving it! haha. sorry i'm a weird pers0n. go0d thing i b0rr0wed bo0ks from anna and i have something to read in here while my brother does his best to hide it! damn.
hahaha! i attended the mass yesterday evening. yes, i failed once again to attend last saturday. and i am so pissed off! anyhow, the children sang the song in the vaseline commercial. you know the one sung by nikki gil. and everyone was so amazed! except for me i think. haha! ang sama ko talaga. bu they were great. i think all the mothers were about to cry.
i hated the homily. i think pinapatamaan talaga ako everytime mag-mamass ako! then the priest criticized the "the da vinci code" he said to throw it away and don't watch the movie. and even ask why do we read the bo0k cover to cover but the scriptures we don't read. and did dan brown died for us? no, jesus did.
hello? have you read the spine of the bo0k?? it says "FICTION". anu ba. as in , iba na nung nararamdaman ko nun. don't get me wrong hah. i used to be very religious. pero ngayun religious na lng. haha! go0d thing my brother wasn't there beside me. mamaya kung anu2 na pinagsasabi nun sa akin! they have to hand out a little token for the mothers..
di ako nakatulog ng maayos.
anyhow. the other night nananiginip ako. andun si mischa barton,ben McKenzie tsaka si rachel bilson. ang weird! it's a sign. i need to watch o.c.! waaaahh! season 3 na!!! hahaha.. can't wait..
newport gang! ahahaha!
so i think. that's it for now..
i'm just going to arrange my pics at friendster..

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