Wednesday, May 31, 2006

these days..

so when was the last time?
okei. first thngs first. i am not happy by the results of the pbb. pero masaya kasi nakapasok si clare! haha..
nung sunday, my daad's 50th birthday. GOLDEN BOY! haha! .. belated happy birthday..
then i watched oc yesterday. [monday]. grabe! taylor is so mean. and i was able to watch today. i think he has a relationship with the dean. she is flirting with the dean! ewwwness. tapos expelled na sina ryan and marissa. bad bad!
and one tree hill. i hate CHRIS. period. haha!! sayang si bro0ke and lucas. pero i love what chris said to rachel.. na ginagamit llang xa ni lucas. hahhaa!!

i saw a bag kanina sa sm. as in un nung bag na gusto ko. it's just 200. to0 bad wala na akong money!!!
so i said to my m0m that i would go back by the end of june . then i said to her. "two days na ipon lang yun" haha!
and i begged her na wag bawasan allowance ko..

anu pa ba pinapano0d ko?
bituing walang ningning..
wawa naman si rosamia..
i love wonderful life!!! :-)

and the new friendster still sucks!
mas trip ko nung dati. the first time i had my friendster..
sige till here..

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