Tuesday, May 9, 2006

my senior year predictions and resolutions.

hey. my senior year in highschool is near and i would like this school year to be memorable and great. last year at bene. awww..
mejo nagaya ko to sa one tree hill when lucas and hayley wrote their predictions. kaya eto na.

1. ADVANCE READING. advance reading really do help. i'll be more focus and i would read in advance[probably] so i could understand the lesson better and less time to study when it's time for exams.

2.SLEEP EARLY. for the past years, i've already proved that i learn best when i sleep for more than 6 hours. or 8 hours. no wonder ang taas ng grade ko nung first year kasi kumpleto nung tulog ko lagi. tsaka para magising ako ng maaga at hindi na mainip ang school bus namen sa paghintay sa akin. i hate being late right?

3.DON'T BE CARELESS. give importance to every detail of discussion. i regret a lot of times when i did not listen to the teacher kasi binalewala ko yun. pang-asar. ang hirap na tuloy alalahanin ang mga bagay-bagay for the college admission exams. ang i'll try to be more calm.

4. MORE PATIENT. don't give up on number problems that you can't even think how to solve it. especially this year, ang dameng math. even our social studies have math. matakot na sa anageom. physci pa man din ako.

5. STUDY MORE. magpaka-nerd na. even a little quiz, dapat pag-aralan. na-value ko na ang halaga ng quiz through chemistry. it really does pull the grade up or down. it's 10% ! it's like taking the longtest.. 10% ng over-all grade.

6. LESS GIVING. wag ng bigyan ng papel ang mga taong walang papel. i'll bring a small amount of paper para di ako maubusan. specially now, i'm in a tight budget for things. sa liquid paper pede pa ring magpahiram.

7.RECITE MORE. for the past 2 years mejo di na ako nakakrecite. so kapag nagawa ko na nung advance reading, sana naman makapagrecite para mas madaling maawa nung teacher if ever he plans to fail you. i've seen the advantage of being interested in learning. mas naaawa ang teacher. and to build up the confidence in me.

8. BE FRIENDLIER. talk to the teachers. they won't eat you alive. even if you have a hard time talking to them, makipagkaibigan pa rin. madami na naman akong nakachikahan sa teachers. and as much as possible, i will try to talk to all of my classmates para naman di ba.. may class spirit and to feel that i really belong to a class. no matter who they are.

9.USE LEISURE TIME WISELY. wag ng manuod at maginternet if you could just read. [NERD to the max na!] wag makinig sa sasabihin ng iba. so what if you're a loser? all of us are losers in this world okei?? so quit playing the status game.

10.BE THOUGHTFUL AGAIN. give gifts to my closest friend. a very very nice gift. it's the last year and probably they would miss that. kaya give gifts.

11. SAVE MORE EAT LESS. i need money for the gifts and other expenses right? and i'm gaining weight. and since i would sleep earlier. ibig sabihin.. hindi ko mababawi sa puyat.. kaya yun..

that's it for now.. mababaliw na naman ako e!

"wag kang mag-alala, di ako luluha kung may kapiling kang iba di na pipilitin pa. itong damdamin ko saio. mejo maninibago pero ayus lang sa akin to'" - pwedeba*soapdish

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