Monday, June 26, 2006

big deal.

everyone was talking about high school musical. and i wasn't able to watch it because my dad was watching pba.sorry we only have one television. so there. even my busmates were talking about it and my classmates kept on singing the song in there. at least i'm not as clueless as mark. haha!

so there. i'm sad about that.
so what happened to me 2day? let's see. my brain was stretched, as in stretched during physics time. the problem was so hard. so hard. as in hard! dun mo ma-a-appreciate nung chemistry laboratory. wahaha! haha! kame nga nung pinaka luge na group e. pero no worries. JAM to the rescue. haha..

i just got my ateneo application i still don't know what i'm going to take in there. probably, management engineering. ang labo ko tlga. iba2 nung mga pinagkukuha ko.

so there. i'm quite in a hurry.

so there..

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