Sunday, June 25, 2006

it's amazing how you make an idiot out of me..

"pinaasa mo na naman ako... for the nth time." pangilang beses na..ako naman.. asa pa rin.

today is sunday. i didn't get the chance to watch high school musical, which by the way i've waited for more than a month. sad..sadd..sad. so tomorrow is monday. and our laboratory is tomorrow to. bad. bad. bad. i'm really getting scared at physics.. i don't know why. so what else.
hindi pa ako nakka-aral. sadly again. it's so hard focusing on your goal when i am so easily distracted by things. don't worry it's not a guy, and definitely not a girl.
i just don't know what..
so i better have a double time or else i might fail.. fall hard. damn. it's so hard..
i forgot what i'm about to say. i've been formulating this saying.. thought in my head for days and i already forgot what it is. hmp!
so i guess i only have one thing to look forward to tomorrow. MY GIRL. i saw the preview hours ago.. kakakilig. siguro pipigilan ni julian si jasmine. anu kaia??

i remembered the thought already.
"it's so amazing how fate manages to pull you down even if you're at your lowest point."

corny ko tlga. at least hindi about love.

nak nak nak.
till here..
that's it for now.. malungkot ako e.. gagawa pa ako ng birthday letter for... alam nio na un. baka mabasa nia e. mabuko pa nia na may surprise for him..
magpapaka-nerd na ako. may papantayan lang ako.. haha!

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