Wednesday, June 21, 2006

just a day..

i just came home from school moments ago. we were stranded in there for about 25 minutes. the tire was ripped so everybody went out the bus. the kids were playing.. as usual. i'm sleepy but i still don't want to sleep. i might end up waking up at 10 pm and i would not love that. i still want to watch my girl. the series is really funny and kakakilig. i really have fun watching them. i missed the monday episode and that sucked. that was one of the best episodes. [i think.]

*lee dong wook [julian] and lee dae hae[jasmine]

i had a lot of thoughts earlier but iwas too lazy to type.i changed first my layout and all of the thoughts that have been running in my mind while i'm still in our school bus were gone. so i guess i'll just talk about school.
we had mass. it's st.bede's feast day, i think. and there was this eucharist rather that gathered all the students in secondary level in our school gymnasium.and there was this awarding thing .
then we still had classes after lunch. we had english. good thing some of us were called for the annual honors. [yes, i am still part of it.. in God's mercy]. i got 90.46. and not bad.. it's still line of 9. for someone like me who was too lazy to understand chemistry by heart.
next week is our long test, sadly. so that means i need to study by now, or i'll be cramming by saturday and sunday. i'm also going to watch HS MUSICAL at disney channel, so maybe i'll be attending mass by saturday, but i don't think that would be such a great idea. i still have assignments for tomorrow and still idle to do it. oh, i forgot. we have reporting tomorrow about HISTORY-RELaTING-ECONOMICS. but i think that is easier thatn psychology.. oo0ohhh.. highschool life.


i borrowed the sweet valley high, senior high that is, from rachel. i missed them all.. jess and liz, melissa, tia, will[even if he's such a JERK],ken, maria, andy, conner and of course jeremy,the oh-so-perfect guy. and will is really a jerk. and jessica is just wasting her time with will, if only she could have chosen jeremy over will, she would have been happy now[ at least this part of the story]. but well, what else can i do, i'm just a reader. a frustrated reader. haha..

it's 6:35.. so i still need to change the css codes from my friendster. i wonder why friendster means a lot to me.. ikaw alam mo ba? you want to know why? who know, someone special might be over there..
haha.. just kidding. just livening up the nerves in me...
wuss tlga ako..

so till here. i may have missed some topics but i guess that would just stay with me. along with the thoughts in my chaotic head.

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