Wednesday, June 7, 2006

officially senior.

o6-06-o6. today's our orientation. and yes, we were all quite excited about it.
i woke up 5 in the morning. kinda strange huh? for a fact that our orientation is still 1pm. i woke up early not because i'm excited. i don't know, sometimes i just have the tendency to wake up anytime. then i kept on bugging my m0m about things and telling her strange things. i'm kinda weird. so there.
i decided to watch the television so i could sleep. i ended up sleeping again 9 in the morning and i need to wake up by 10. so my m0m kept on shouting at me and she's telling that i'm going to be late because our school bu would pick me up by 11.
so i was already dressed up by 11. then ara and judy came into our house. ara said there's no electricity in their house because of what her father did to something. so they waited in our house for the bus while i watch one tree hill.haha!!. dumating nung bus before 12 na. hmmmp!

so there. i arrived at school then akala ko ako pa lang. andun na sila. grabe ang haba na ng hair ni iƱigo na dating kalbo. pati si lawrence ang haba ng hair.

the bad thing..
42 section ko! ang daya. lahat kame nanibago kasi nung assembly parang siksikan na. unlike dati na so0obrang luwag kapag 39 or 49.
wawa nga physci ngayun e. kasi di nila naexperience nung 39 na place.
i want to be section 49 as physci pa rin.
and xempre walang naiba sa class namen. may dumagdag lang ng isa.
then adviser namen si mrs.almayda.[my admath teacher last year.] so since dati ay puro physci kame dati. we are so b0nded. kaso mejo pinagsabihan kame.. ang ingay daw namen..

sige till here. magpapapicture ako tomorrow for my UPCAT application.

this is so great!

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