Sunday, June 11, 2006

suckfest of current world.. just tell me i'm insane.

have i told you how i hate my current situation?all i want is just this little thing called TIME.i woke up 630 in the morning today. kind of sucks huh?and here i am in the living ro0m watching some kind of koreanovela which i'm forced to watch's just..the other night, actually it was just last night. i did fill-up the UPCAT application form and i said to myself"hey, i still don't know anything". dammit.i need to study kasi nga di ako nagreview classes. and i still don't know what i'm going to take.
langhiya.and my mom is forcing me to take this course which i don't even know.
ayoko na! like now..
i want to stay in a room na so0obraang lakas ng music. nung tipong wala ka ng maririnig sa outside world. haaaayy.. kaso ganito na tlaga yata ang buhay ko. BORN to fail.
ewan ko na. basta for once, gusto ko wala muna akong pake..

ayoko na..

can't you see i'm so frustrated.
sometimes it comes to my mind about dying.
but life's full of struggles.
and it sucks..

"all i want was just that something to hold on to"

is that too much to ask?

SEND HELP to me..


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