Saturday, June 24, 2006

i asked for a sign... and i saw one.

the title: nothing much. something that i've been looking for lately.

yesterday was friday. CAT day. whew! just changing from uniform to civilian is so hard, so imagine what more the CAT thing is. though it was fun. i think. nkakatawa nga nung kinuwento ng classmate ko. sabi daw ng officer nila. "100 squats". e di nalito nung boys kung ano gagawin nila kasi ng 100 squats daw. haha!! pati nga kami nagsquat e. grabe! ang sakit sa pa.. pero ayus lang un.
i'm having a hard time at physics. not because i can't answer. but because i'm not fast enough to gain merit and forgetful to put the negative sign on third quadrants. i need to practice my thumb.. forefinger rather in pressing my calculator. i need merits! haha..
i'm going to study today.. but i need to watch first let's go cause i've missed the last episode. i had a hiarcut kasi e.
my article sucked so much. ang panget tlga. as in sabog siya and does not have a complete idea. i think it's even incomplete. how am i suppose to write in ten minutes without a proper chair? hmp! that's okei, i'm not running to be a staffmember anyway. so my topic was. "REALITY TV and its Impact on its viewers. i think it's the easiest and i've managaed to make the worst article effortlessly. okei. i'm being negative again..

i'm going to read it. i hate WILL[ jerk of the year]. i still love JEREMY.. haha! [perfect guy]. yan kasi si jessica hindi siya nung pinili..

*walang MY GIRL kahapon. maganda pa man din nung susunod. sige.

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